Haryana Budget 2017-18 Highlights for HSSC Exams

Finance Minister Captain Abhimanyu presented 2017 Budget on 6th of March 2017. It was his third budget. We are presenting to you important facts related with Budget 2017-18 in the form of Question- Answer series. These questions may be very important for the upcoming HSSC Exams. So get ready to go through some of them below –

Important Questions on Haryana Budget 2017-2018

Q. Important Allocations for Agriculture and allied Sectors ?

Answer – Total Allocation – Rs 3206 Crore

For Agriculture – Rs 1516 Crore

Animal Husbandry – Rs 747 Crore

Horticulture – Rs 397 Crore

Forests – Rs 458 Crore

Fisheries – Rs 89 Crore

What is the total allocation of funds for Haryana Budget 2017-18?

Answer – Rs 1,02,329.35 Crore

How much in the increase of the budget allocation from the previous year’s ?

Answer – Rs 9,041.59 Crore ( an increase of 13.18%)

What has been the fiscal deficit ?

Answer – 3% of GSDP

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Q. What is the total expenditure mentioned in the budget ?

Answer – Rs 19,657 Crore

Q. Total revenue receipts during 2017-6-17 ( estimated ) ?

Answer – 69,327.09

Q. Name the New Scheme to develop villages having population between 3,000 and 10,000?

Answer – Deenbandhu Haryana Gram Uday Yojana

Q. How many villages shall be covered under DHGUY during the next 3 years ?

Answer – 1,500 villages

Q. Who will fund Deenbandhu Haryana Gram Uday Scheme ?

Answer – NABARD

Q. How much money is fixed for Deenbandhu Haryana Gram Uday Scheme ?

Answer – Rs 1200 Crore

Q. What rebate has the Haryana Govt announced on the use of BHIM App ?

Answer – 5%

Q. What is Mangal Nagar Vikas Yojana ?

Answer – A new scheme for maintenance of existing infrastructure.

Q. How much money has the Finance Dept has earmarked for Mangal Nagar Vikas Yojana ?

Answer – Rs 1,000 Crore

Q. How much money will Saksham Scheme provide as earning potential to the unemployed youth ?

Answer – Rs 9,000 pm

Q. Which the first district of Haryana where all the villages are getting 24 hr electricity ?

Answer – Panchkula

Q. Sector-wise money allocation in 2017-18 budget ?

Answer – Education – Rs 15,546 Crore

Heath – Rs 3839 Crore

Industry – Rs 400 Crore

District Plan – Rs 400 Crore

For Building and Roads the fund allocation is – Rs. 3,827 Crore

Transport – Rs 2,549 Crore

Funds for Power – Rs 12,685 Crore

Public Health Engineering has received Rs 3,382 Crore

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