HSSC Question Paper for Haryana GK

Haryana General Knowledge has become an integral part of all the Recruitment Written exams in Haryana by HSSC. So get ready to check this question paper chiefly dedicated to Haryana GK for HSSC Exams.

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Haryana GK Question Paper for Haryana Staff Selection Commission Exams –

Q. 1. To whom is the Vande Matram Scheme linked with ?

Q. 2. Who had set the Feudal League ( जमींदार लीग ) in Haryana ?

Q. 3. Who had got Surajkund built?

Q. 4. To which city did Hemu belong to ?

Q. 5. What is the eligibility for the SC candidates contesting in the Haryana Panchayat Elections ?

Q. 6. Where is Gurudwara Neem Saheb located ?

Q. 7. Who is famous as हादी ए हरियाणा ?

Q. 8. Who has written a famous book अक़ायदे अजीम

Q. 9. मैं टूटा हुआ आदमी is written by –

Q. 10. Where is the tourist place called Red Robbin situated ?

Haryana GK Practice SET for HSSC Exams

Q. 11. What is the total length of state Highways in Haryana ?

Q. 12. When was Akashwani Hisar established ?

Q. 13. Which state has the least length of roads in Haryana ?

Q. 14. Who has started Jyotish Newspaper ?

Q. 15. Where is Seth Ramkrishan Dalmiya Cement factory located ?

Q. 16. Which city is famous for the utensils made from Bronze and Copper ?

Q. 17. Saraswati Sugar Mill is situated at –

Q. 18. Which spice is grown the most in Haryana ?

Q. 19. Which district is the no 1 producer of Turmeric ?

Q. 20. Rice belongs to Rabi or Kharif –

Q. 21. Which state has bagged no. 1 position in the field of overall sanitation and cleanliness under ” Sarvachh Sarvekshan Grameen – 2018 ” ?

Q. 22 . – Which district of Haryana has bagged no. 7 position in the field of overall sanitation and cleanliness under ” Sarvachh Sarvekshan Grameen – 2018 ” ?

Answers – 1. women 2. Sir Chhoturam 3. Anangpal Second 4. Rewari 5. 5th 6. at Kaithal 7. Shah Mohammad Ramjan Shahid 8. Shah Mohammad Ramjan Shahid 9. Mohan Chopra 10. Bhiwani 11. 1801 km 12. 26th of Jan 1999 13. Faridabad 14. Pt Prahlad 15. Bhiwani 16. Rewari 17. Yamunanagar 18. Turmeric 19. Ambala 20. Kharif 21. Haryana 22. Karnal

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