Latest Haryana GK and Current Affairs Practice Set – 9

In this blog of ours, we are providing some latest Haryana GK along with Current Affairs. Hope that shall help you in enhancing your knowledge regarding Haryana and also in the upcoming exams of yours. So get ready to undergo the mental gymnastic with another Practice set.

Practice set – 9 for Haryana General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Q. 1 Where was the 2016 Deshi Govansh Saundarya Partiyugita Samaroh organized ?

Ans – At the International Institute of Veterinary Sciences and Research at Bahu Akbarpur Village (Rohtak)

Q. 2. How much money was given to the owner of the cow – most beautiful and high yielding ?

Ans – Rs 2.51 lac

Q. 3. Under which rule do the poor students seek admission to the Private Schools in Haryana ?

Ans – Rule 134 – A

Q. 4. What is the rank of Haryana related with  per capita income of the people  in Haryana ?

Ans – 2nd Rank in India

Haryana Current Affairs and GK Paper – 9

Q. 5. What is Rakhigarhi village ( Hisar District) famous for ?

Ans – It is linked with the largest and one of the oldest sites for Indus Valley Civilization.

Q. 6. Which commission was set up to decide the boundaries of Haryana and Punjab on 23rd of April 1966 ?

Ans – Shah Commission under the Chairmanship of Justice JC Shah

Q. 7. When did the Shah Commission submit its report ?

Ans – On May 31st 1966

Q. 8. From where does Ghaggar enter the state of Haryana ?

Ans – Near Pinjore in Panchkula District

Q. 9. How much distance does Ghaggar cover before disappearing in to the deserts of Rajasthan ?

Ans – 460 kms

Q. 10. Which is the hottest and coldest district of Haryana ?

Ans – Hisar

Q. 11. Who is the Table Tennis Federation of India ( TTFI) President ?

Answer – Dushyant Chautala

Paper 8 of Haryana GK is here.

You can learn complete GK from here.

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