Haryana General Knowledge ( GK) Practice Set 3

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Haryana General Knowledge / Current Affairs Paper – 3

Q. 1. Which famous company of Pinjore has been closed down by Haryana Govt. ?

Ans – H.M.T.

Q. 2. In which district are Honda Motorcycles manufactured ?

Ans – Manesar, District Gurgaon. Hero and Honda groups are separate now.

Hero Motocorp-  Rewari  & Honda –  Manesar Gurgaon

Q. 3. In which district are Textile Mill and Jindal Pipe Factories situated ?

Ans – Hisar

Q. 4. Which district is famous for Hosiery Industry?

Ans – Rohtak

Q. 5. What is the total length of Sutlej-Yamuna link ?

Ans – 212 km.

Q. 6. Who is the brand ambassador for Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Campaign in Haryana ?

Ans – Parineeti Chopra

Q. 7. Who is the brand ambassador for Haryana Tourism ?

Ans – Dharmendra

Q. 8. With whom Dharmendra signed MOU ?

Ans – Education Minister Rambilas Sharma

Q.9. In which district of Haryana is Maruti Industry situated ?

Ans – Gurgaon

Haryana GK Paper Set 3

Q. 10. In which district is Seth Ramkrishan Dalmiya Cement Factory situated ?

Ans – Bhiwani

Q. 11. Where is the headquarters of Haryana Irrigation Department situated ?

Ans – Panchkula

Q. 12. What was the population of Haryana in 1966?

Ans – 1.2 crore

Q. 13. Which district has the least population in Haryana ?

Ans – Panchkula

Q. 14. Which district has the highest density in population ?

Ans – Faridabad

Q. 15. Which district has the highest population ?

Ans – Faridabad

Q. 16. Which district of Haryana has the highest literacy rate ?

Ans – Gurgaon

Q. 17. Which district has the lowest literacy rate ?

Ans – Mewat

Q. 18. How many high schools were there at the time of the constitution of Haryana ?

Ans – 597

Q. 19. When was Haryana Agriculture University, Hisar set up ?

Ans – 2nd of Feb. 1970

Q. 20. In which district of Haryana was the first College was opened ?

Ans – Rohtak

Q. 21. To which game does Vikas Krishan Yadav belong to ?

Ans – Boxing

Q. 22. Where is Nahar Singh Stadium located ?

Ans – Faridabad

Q. 23. Which district of Haryana is famous as Chhota Cuba ?

Ans – Bhiwani

Q. 24. Who had created Harshcharit ?

Ans – Banbhatta

Q. 25. What was the language of Harshcharit ?

Ans – Sanskrit

Q. 26. Which state has become the first state of India to declare Cornovirus as an epidemic ?

Ans- Haryana

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  1. Sir how can I know of history questions of haryana…….I saw many questions in exams ……give me some guidelines sir ji

    • Read history of Haryana from here

  2. sir how cant i download all this things

    • You should bookmark this page.

  3. Mr. Ashish,
    Please read carefully the answer he is trying to tell that Honda situated at Manesar, Gurgaon and Hero Motocorp in Rewari.


  4. Beth bachao beti padhao – sakshi malik

  5. Guys
    Hero and Honda groups are separate now.
    Hero motocorp- hai to answer hoga Rewari & Honda hai to answer hoga Manesar Gurgaon

  6. Hi guys
    Agar question "Chhoti kashi" hai to answer hoga-Bhiwani.
    Aur agar question navgrih kund ke karan chhoti kashi hai to answer hoga-Kaithal.
    So both bhiwani and Kaithal are right, answer question dekhkar dena hai.

  7. Choti kashi Bhiwani right

  8. yes ,Choti Kasi is Bhiwani

  9. Thanks buddy for this page.
    can you plz provide all these information in pdf form or in ms word page.
    or may be you can publish your notes for hry gk. which are available in form of magazine

  10. Brand ambassador for beti bacho for haryana is parneeti chopra for India is madhurri dixit

  11. chote kasi is khital

    • No it's wrong. We have provided you the right answer.

      • uppar qus.pucha gya h chhota cuba..jo bhiwani h
        or irahad keh rha h chhoti kashi jo kaithal h

  12. chhoti kashi is kaithal not bhiwani

    • No it's Bhiwani.In some books, the answer is wrongly published.

      • gupta sir g,
        choti kashi kaithal ko kahte h kyuki kaithal me nav(9) grah kund h.
        or bhiwani ko to sirf kashi kahte h.

    • Both are chhoti kashi

  13. Brand ambassador of beti bachao beti padhao is Madhuri dhikshit

    • Brand ambassador of beti Bachao or beti padhao is parineeti Chopra not Madhuri dixit

      • beti bchao beti padhao….brand ambassador is…madhuri dixit of national level….and haryana state level…parineeti chopra

  14. What was the population of Haryana in 1966 is near to 76 lakh

    • It was 75,90,543.

  15. HONDA bikes are manufactured in manesar,gurgaon not REWARI

    • Yes, you are right. We have corrected the answer. Thanks Ashish.


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