Haryana GK Question Paper – Practice Set No. 2

This is a season of Recruitment Exams in Haryana. In all the Written exam, one thing is common and that is Haryana GK Questions. Around 25 % questions shall be asked from this portion. That’s why we are covering Haryana General Knowledge Topic on priority level. We have selected some very important questions for the Examinees.

We have also prepared some Haryana GK Question Papers. The only purpose is to help the examinees as much as possible. So here is the First Question Paper regarding Haryana General Knowledge.

Practice Set 1 for Haryana GK

Practice Set – 2 for Haryana GK

Q. 1 Where is Gurudwara Manji Sahib situated ?

Q. 2. An Ancient Religious place Pandu Pindara is situated in the district –

Q. 3. Where is Gurudwara Kapal Mochan situated ?

Q. 4. Where is Blue J tourist place situated ?

Q. 5 Where is Hathnikund situated ?

Q. 6. Where is the historical battle ground Kala Amb situated ?

Q. 7. Which lake is situated at Surajkund ?

Q. 8. Kingfisher tourist complex is situated at –

Q. 9. Tiliyar Tourist complex is situated at –

Q. 10. Where is Mata Sheetla Devi Mandir situated ?

Practice Set for Haryana Recruitment Exams

Q. 11. Mansa Devi Temple is situated at –

Q. 12. Where is Glass Mosque situated ?

General Knowledge Test for Exams in Haryana

Q. 13. In which city the tomb of Ibrahim Lodhi situated ?

Q. 14. Where is बीरबल का छत्ता located ?

Q. 15. Where can we find the tomb of Rajia Begam ?

Q. 16. How many tourist complexes are situated in Haryana ?

Q. 17. Which cit is known as the छोटी काशी of Haryana ?

Q. 18. Which city is known as the Paris of Haryana ?

Q. 19. Which place is known as the birth-place of poet Surdas ?

20. Where is Damdama lake situated ?

HSSC Exam General Knowledge Questions –

Q. 21. Badkal lake is located at –

Q. 22. In which district of Haryana was Saint Garibdas born ?

Q. 23. Who has written Pran Sankli ( प्राण सांकली )?

Q. 24. If a sportsperson of Haryana wins gold medal at Common Wealth Games, how much cash prize is given to him by Haryana Govt ?

Q. 25. Which sportsperson is also known by the nick name of Haryana Hurricane ?

Q. 26. Who was the first Indian to be appointed as Chief Justice in Punjab High Court in 1913 ?

Q. 27. Which district may be re-christened as Nooh ?

Q. 28. Who is the new DGP of Haryana ?

Q. 29. Who is the Chief Justice of Haryana and Punjab High Court ?

Q. 30. Who had set up Marketing Board for the farmer in 1938 ?

Q. 31. Which university organized the cultural programme ” Ratnawali ” ?

Q. 32. What was Ratnawali’s Edition in 2018 Oct ?

Answers  – 1. Ambala 2. Jind 3. Yamunanagar 4. Samalkha in Panipat 5. Yamunanagar 6. Panipat 7. Mayur Lake 8. Ambala 9. Rohtak 10. Gurgaon 11. At Manimajra near Chandigarh 12. Rohtak 13. Panipat 14. Narnaul 15. Kaithal 16. 44 17. Bhiwani 18. Karnal 19. Village Sihi in Faridabad 20. 8 kms away from Sohna

21. Faridabad 22. Jhajhar 23. सिद्ध चौरंगीनाथ 24. Rs 1.5 Crore 25. Kapil Dev 26. Sir Shadilal 27. Mewat 28. Dr KP Singh ( IPS) 29. Hon’ble Mr Justice Shiavax Jal Vazifdar ( the acting Chief Justice) 30. Sir Chhoturam. 31 Kuruksetra University 32. 34th Edition

Disclaimer – Though we have taken every care in selecting and publishing these questions and their answers, there may be some errors. We shall not be responsible for any error in this post.

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