HSSC Sample Paper 2 for various Exams - Practice Set

In order to fulfill the demands of the examinees for various Recruitment exams by HSSC, we are preparing another Sample Paper. The Written Exams for Teachers, Clerks and various other posts are taking place or about to take place.

For all the exams- Reasoning, Maths, English, Hindi, GK, Haryana GK are the chief components. So check this Sample Paper for perfect preparation of the upcoming exams -

Haryana Staff Selection Commission Sample Paper 2

Total Questions - 22

Q.1 Which is the smallest ocean ?

Q. 2. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is famous for ?

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Q. 3. Gayatri Mantra is taken from -

Q. 4. Where was the Buddha enlightened ?

Q. 5.Who had established Home Rule in India ?

Q. 6. The average age of 30 boys of a class is equal to 14 yrs. When the age of the class teacher is included the average becomes 15 yrs. Find the age of the class teacher.

Q. 7. A grocer sells rice at a profit of 10% and uses a weight which is 20% less. Find his total percentage gain.

Q. 8. An article is sold at 20% profit. If its CP and SP are less by Rs 10 and Rs 5 respectively the percentage profit increases by 10%. Find the cost price.

Q. 9. Sheetla Mata fair is held at -

Q. 10. What is safa ?

Q. 11. Where is Kala Amb situated ?

Q. 12. Who has written the novel Budhi Suhagan ?

Q. 13. Nahar Singh Stadium is situated at -

Sample Paper for all HSSC Exams

Q. 14. What is the one word for the phrase - An imaginary name assumed by an author ?

Q. 15. Fill the blank with the proper determiner -

-------------man is mortal.

Q. 16. Which preposition will come in the following blank ?

He ordered ------------a cup of coffee.

Q. 17. Change the voice of the following sentence -

Medicine tastes bitter.

Q. 18. If Noida is written as 39658, India shall be written as -

Q. 19. Complete the series -

GR, IP, KN, ML, ?

Q. 20. रेणु का पर्यायवाची है -

Q. 21. हरघडी में कौन सा समास प्रयोग किया गया है।

Q. 22. एकैक की संधि विछेद।

Answers - 1. Arctic Ocean 2. Jute 3. Rigaveda 4. Gaya 5. Annie Besant 6. 45 years 7. 37.5% 8. Rs 80 9. Gurgaon 10. A turban of Soldier's fashion 11. Panipat 12. Jai Narayan Kaushik 13. Faridabad 14. Pseudonym 15. Nothing will come in the blank 16. No Preposition 17. Medicine is bitter when tasted 18. 63568 19. OJ, QH 20. धूल 21. अव्वयीभाव 22. एक + एक

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