Right Age for Admission to Schools for Children

The Correct Age for the children  to get admission in the schools in India – When should a child be admitted to any school in India ? – Read this article to enlighten yourself regarding this very complex question for the sake of child’s life –

Now-a-days parents are in much hurry to get their wards admit to schools. The reason is fear and useless competition. They don’t see the age of a child, rather their focus is on the children of the neighborhood.

Parents especially the mother parent want that their children must be graduated or post graduated very soon. In this blind competition, they don’t hesitate to ruin the early future of their children. The innocence joy of children get buried with bags and tensions. School, Home-work, Tuition, Home-word-cum-tuition work, and again in the morning school.

It has become the schedule for most of the kids these days. If they play games, they play them on mobiles/ computers. They are champions in cricket, chess etc only on these technical instruments. They haven’t played these games in reality on the playgrounds. So why to snatch beautiful and innocent phase of life from them.

Right Age for Admission to Schools for very Young Children

There is always confusion regarding the admission age of the kids to the schools. Parents must know this age.

There is a great fashion of Play-schools in the society these days.

The Admission Age for these schools is – 2 to 2.5 years.

  • For  Class I ( CBSE / Govt Schools ) – 5 Years
  • ICSE Class I – 6 Years

Minimum/ Upper Age Limit for Entry to Nursery, KG, Class I in Delhi

For its new session, the Delhi Education Board  has set up a new admission criteria ( Minimum and Upper Age ) for the entry to the following classes – Nursery, KG and Class I. Check it from below –

Minimum Age Limit Criteria as on 31st March 2019 –

  • For Nursery Class – 3 years
  • KG – 4 Years
  • First Class – 5 Years

Upper Age Limit for the admission to Delhi Schools as on 31st March 2019 –

  • Nursery Class – 4 years
  • KG – 5 Years
  • First Class – 6 years

My View – According to me, the best age for us to send our children to schools should be 4 or 5. We must not send him to schools just to get rid of him for a few hours. He must understand a bit of meaning of school and education prior we send him to the temple of Education, otherwise, it will be a prison for him, just prison.

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