HSSC Clerk Sample Paper for Written Exam – 1

The candidates who are preparing for the Clerk Post Recruitment Exam, must need some papers to evaluate their exam performance. The Written exam shall be of 200 marks with 100 questions. The Paper shall consist of General English, General Hindi, Maths, General Knowledge, Haryana General Knowledge, Reasoning etc. Here we have tried to prepare a Model Question Paper that may help you in the upcoming Clerk Written exam.

HSSC Clerk Exam Sample Paper – 1

Q. 1. On which river are the dams named Gandhi Sagar and Jawahar Sagar situated ?

Q. 2. What instrument measures the earthquake ?

Q. 3. The President of which country attended the Republic Day 2016 ?

Q. 4. Who had designed Chandigarh ?

Q. 5. With the increase in the rate of eggs by 20%, a person is getting 2 eggs less in Rs 24/-. What is the present rate of eggs per dozen ?

Q. 6. The salary of Ram is 25% more than that of Ravi. How much is Ravi’s salary less than that of Ram ?

HSSC Exams Sample Paper 2

Q. 7. If 78*517 is completely divisible by eleven, then what should be there in place of * ?

a. 6 b. 1 c. 9 d. 5

Q. 8. The average of 10 innings of a cricketer is 32. How many runs should the player make so that the average increases by 4 runs ?

Q. 9. In which year was Akashwani Rohtak set up ?

Q. 10. Which game is Karnam Malleshwari linked ?

Q. 11. Where is the sanitary industry located in Haryana ?

12. Whom did Akbar defeat in the 1556 Panipat battle ?

13. Change the voice of the following sentence – What helped you to do this thing ?

Q. 14. Correct the following sentence – Ravi as well as his children were going to the marriage party when his car collided with a truck.

Q. 15. Change direct in to indirect narration – She said to me,” Where were you going yesterday ?”

HSSC Sample Paper for Haryana GK at Examweb.in

Q. 16. Give the same meaning of the following word –

Tumult –

a. Quiet b. Slowness c. Bustle d. Inertness

Q. 17. Give the opposite of the following word

Spotless –

a. Blemish b. Pure c. Stainless d. Impeccable

Q. 18. Ram walks 15 kms from his home to the east. Then he turns left and covers 5 kms distance. Now tell in which direction he is going ?

Q. 19. DAB, IFG, NKL, ?

a. SPQ b. SOP c. SPO d. RSQ

Q. 20. “उसका मुख कमल के सामान सुन्दर है।”  में कौन सा अलंकार है।

Q. 21. ” वह मुझ पर नाराज है। ” इस वाक्य को सही करें।

Q. 22. Who was the last Hindu Ruler to rule Delhi Sultanate ?

Q. 23. BILT football stadium is situated at –

Q. 24. What is the total no of muscles in our body ?

Q. 25. Which the smallest bird of the world ?

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Answers – 1. Chambal 2. Seismography 3. France ( Francois Hollande ) 4. Le Corbusier 5. Rs 28.80 6. 20% 7. b 8. 76 9. 1976 10. Weightlifting 11. Bahadurgarh 12. Hemu 13. By what were you helped to do this thing ? 14. was going to 15. She asked me where I had been going the last day. 16. c 17. a 18. North 19. a 20. रूपक 21. मुझ  से 22. Hemchandra 23. Yamunanagar 24. 639 25. Hummingbird

We shall provide you some more Sample Question Papers in future. For that keep coming at examweb.in.

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