Republic Day of India – 26th January, An Essay

This is a celebration time for all Indians on 26th of January 2024( Friday ), 75th Republic Day of India. The Day has a great importance for every citizen of the country as we had got freedom in 1947, we were not acquainted with our rights and powers. We got real sovereignty on 26th of January 1950 when our constitution came in to being due to sincere efforts of great scholars like Dr Rajendra Prasad, Dr B.R. Ambedkar and others.

Indian Republic Day

In 2024 the chief guest of Republic Day will be Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of France. 

In 2023, the Chief Guest will be Mr. Abdel Fattah El- Sisi who is the President of Egypt.

The drafting committee had prepared it and then it was accepted by Indian Constituent Assemble on 26th of Nov 1949. The constitution was quite particular in the sense that it contained the essence of many a constitution of various countries. India became Republic. Since then the day is being celebrated as the Republic Day of India.

It is celebrated with great pomp and show in every part of the country. But the centre of attraction is Rajpath, New Delhi where the President, Prime Minister and other dignitaries of the country besides the Chief Guest from some Foreign land relish the Defence Power, Culture, Tradition of the country.

The show reveals the real essence of the country which is Unity in Diversity. The Brave Army Personnel and the Children are also honored by the President. This time the President of France Francois Hollande will the Chief Guest of this Esteemed Ceremony of the Country.

Besides the Local Army Contingent, France Army Contingent shall be the part of this year Republic Day Parade. So it shall be a unique view to be watched and enjoyed.

This day the whole of the country will remember its great sons who laid down their precious lives for the sake of the country. We are taking easy breath because of them. But the country is still facing a no of problems and threats especially communalism and terrorism.

Now this is the duty of the whole countrymen to stand united for the sake of country. Beware of divisive politics of the shrewd politicians. The country belongs to us and we belong to it. We have to create new India – India of our dreams.

Jai Hind – Happy Republic Day

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