Important Questions on Indo-Anglian Literature - Indians writing in English

Indian English Writers have given a lot of contribution to Indo-Anglian Literature. There have been many noted writers namely RK Narayanan, Kamala Das, Mulk Raj Anand, Khushwant Singh etc. They have won international recognition and applause. Below we are providing some of Important Questions from their works. These questions certainly form the part of NET English and Various States' SET.

Objective Type Questions on Indian English Literature -

Q.1 Who has edited Tagore's work " Gitanjali" ?

Ans - W.B. Yeats

Q. 2. The Foreigner and The Apprentice are the works of -

Ans - Arun Joshi

Q. 3. Emigrant Family, a famous novel, is written by ?

Ans- Alexander Harris

Q. 4. G.V. Desani's Hali is a -

Ans - Allegorical Play

Q. 5. Who is the first recipient of the Sahitya Academy Award ?

Ans - R.K Narayan

Q. 6. Starry Nights is the work of -

Ans - Shobha De

Q. 7. When was God of Small Things published ?

Ans - In 1977

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Q. 8. Boman Desai's ' A Woman Madly in Love ( 2004) is a/an ....

Ans - Autobiographical Novel

Q. 9. Accidents Like Love and Marriage and Ancient Promises are the works of -

Ans - Jaishree Mishra

Q. 10. With which novel did Kiran Desai had made her debut ?

Ans - Hullaballo in the Guava Orchard

Q. 11. What is Kiran Desai's Novel " The Inheritance of Loss ( 2006) about ?

Ans - It is about poverty and patterns that repeat across generations.

Q. 12. In which year, Kamala Das was converted to Islam ?

Ans - In 1999 with her new name Kamala Suraiyya

Q. 13. Which award did Shashi Deshpande win for That Long Silence ( 1988) ?

Ans - Sahitya Academy

Q. 14. A Doll for the Child Prostitute is a work of -

Ans - Kamala Das

Q. 15. When did Kamala Markandaya write Nectar in a Sieve ?

Ans - In 1954

Q. 16. Which country did Ruth P. Jhabvala belong to before her marriage with an Indian ?

Ans - Germany

Q. 17. Which novel of Amitav Ghosh deals with genre of science fiction ?

Ans - The Calcutta Chromosome

Q. 18. A Handful  of Rice is a work of -

Ans - Kamala Markandaya

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