Important English Phrases for Daily Use

Phrases are the group of words that make sense. They are the part of a sentence/sentences. They are very important for all the languages. In English, there are a large no of Phrases which are used by the English Language users.

They make the language very effective. So their usage is always encouraged. Read some important phrases you can use in your day-to-day interaction in English Language.

Useful English Phrases for the Language Users –

1. All in all – Everything ( सर्वेसर्वा )

He is all in all in the family.

2. All and Sundry – All without any exception

He invited all and sundry in the marriage party.

3. Back and Belly – Livelihood ( आजीविका )

In this time of recession and inflation, everybody is concerned about his back and belly.

4. Betwixt and between – Equal distribution

They share betwixt and between them whatever they earn.

5. Goods and Chattel – Movable Property

We shifted to the USA, we sold our goods and chattel in India.

6. Chock-a-block – adjacent, adjoining awkwardly ( बेढंगे तरीके से सटे हुए )

Indian cities are full of chock-a-block houses.

7. Pick and Choose – To choose carefully

We should be alert while picking and choosing our career.

8. Fair and square – Fine, Good

Our actions towards our fellow-beings must be fair and square.

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9. Fee-faw-fum – Sounds produced to scare the people esp. children

China’s fee-faw-fum can’t scare the Indians.

10. Flux and reflux – Debate

The simple conversation was converted in to flux and reflux among the friends.

11. Goody-goody – seemingly good

You can find a no of goody-goody people but not a really good person.

12. The Haves and the Have-nots – The rich and the poor

The whole world is divided in to the haves and the have-nots.

13. Hodge-podge – In an disorder / at sixes and sevens

When I reached there, I found everything hodge-podge.

14. Humpty-dumpty – Falling, Deteriorating , Wobbly

The democracy in Pakistan is humpty-dumpty these days as Army rules supreme there.

15. Ins and Outs – nuances, small things about something

If you want to get success in some profession, you must know ins and outs of it.

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16. Tittle-tattle – to whisper

We must not waste our time in tittle-tattle.

17. Wear and tear – Damage in the things ( Normal routine )

Seat covers of vehicle take a lot of wear and tear.

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