Practice Set for Idiom and Phrases - 1

We have already published one post related with Idioms and Phrases. Now we are publishing the Practice Set 1 for those preparing for the Competitive exams  and Recruitment Exams. Idioms and Phrases are also important for improving and decorating English Language.

Idioms and Phrases - Practice set 1

To hold water - to be relevant / to be sound

Your argument doesn't hold water.

2. A sop to Cerberus - Ransom to an enemy

Instead of giving a sop to Cerberus, he informed the police.

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3. A chip off the old block - Characteristics of one's ancestors

From his attitude one thing is clear, he is a carrying a chip off the old block.

4. To take a leap in the dark - to do a hazardous thing without any idea of the result

He has taken a leap in the dark by joining the group of the smugglers.

5. To give/ get the bird - To send away

The father gave the bird to his son for higher education

6. To get cold feet - to be afraid

He got cold feet when he saw the shadow in the room.

7. A square peg in a round hole - A person unsuited to the position he gets

He got settled in Mumbai from a small village. There his condition was like a square in a round hole.

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8. To be up and doing - To be actively engaged

He is up and doing in his new business.

9. To wrangle over an ass's shadow - To quarrel over trifles

They are always engaged in wrangling over an ass's shadow. They must behave sensibly now.

10. Pell- mell -In hurried disorder

When we reached home, we found the things in pell-mell.

11. Tall order - A formidable task

Completing this project was a tall order, but we did it in time.

12. To be rolling in money - Very rich

He is rolling in money. He can purchase this car.

We shall add some more Practice Sets for Idioms and Phrases. Please keep visiting.

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