English Literature Practice Paper for HSSC PGT, NET English – 5

HSSC will held the PGT English Exam on 27th of March and CBSE will hold National Eligibility Test ( NET ) in June and then in December. The bulk of the paper is set from the questions of English Literature.

You can read PGT English Syllabus from here and click here UGC NET English Syllabus. Below is given Practice Paper of English Literature. The Answers are given at the end of the paper. It will certainly help you in your upcoming exams. Best of Luck !

English Literature Practice Set – 5

Q. 1. Pope’s Essay on Man, The Essay on Criticism and Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady are written in –

Q. 2. Which book is considered generally the first mock-epic poem ?

Q. 3. Who wrote the first Gothic Novel ?

Q. 4. ” No man but a block head ever wrote, except for money ” – who made this remark ?

Q. 5. Pollas is the goddess of –

Q. 6. Who wrote – Hope springs eternal in the human breast ?

Q. 7. Who has said the following line – Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Q. 8. In which year, the union of England and Scotland take place ?

Q. 9. Who helped Pope in translating Odyssey ?

Q. 10. Who called Dryden ‘ the great master of contempt ‘ ?

Q. 11. Who has written Clarissa Harlowe ?

Q. 12. Who has written Evelina ?

Q. 13. Who is known as ” the wasp of Turckenham ” ?

Q. 14. In which year was Slavery abolished in England ?

Q. 15. For whom did Johnson make the following statement ” A romantic snake in classical grass ” ?

Q. 16. Who is called the ” Prince of the English Essayists ” ?

Q. 17. In the novel Mansfield Park, Mansfield Park is the name of –

Q. 18. Who has defined Romanticism as ” The Renaissance of wonder ” ?

Q. 19. ST Coleridge’s ” Ode on Rejection” is addressed to –

Q. 20. In Kubla Khan, Kubla Khan is the king of –

Answers – 1. Heroic Couplets 2. Le- Lutrin 3. Horace Walpole 4. Johnson 5. Wisdom 6. Pope 7. Johnson 8. In 1727 9. Fenton and Broome 10. TS Eliot 11. Richardson 12. Burney 13. Pope 14. 1787 15. Gray 16. Charles Lamb 17. a house 18. Dunton 19. Wordsworth 20. China

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