Questions from the ” Tiger King ” written by Kalki ( Vistas )

Prepare Questions/ Answers from the Tiger King written by Kalki – For HBSE/ CBSE etc. students – Based on NCERT Syllabus Pattern – From Vistas ( 2nd book ) – Hindi of some Very Important Words

Question – Who was the Tiger King ? How did he get that name ?


Why did the king take a vow to kill one hundred (100 ) tigers ?

Answer – The Maharaja  ( King ) of Pratibandapuram was called the Tiger King. When the prince came to the throne, he heard about a prophecy ( भविष्यवाणी  ) made at the time of his birth ( king’s birth ). The chief astrologer ( ज्योतिषी ) had said that the crown prince’s ( युवराज की ) death would come from a tiger.

After he had become the King, he went on a tiger hunt and killed a tiger. Now he called the astrologer ( ज्योतिषी ) and said proudly, “What do you say now ?”

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The chief astrologer said, ” Your majesty ( महाराज ) may kill ninety- nine tigers in exactly the same manner, but you ( the King ) must be very careful with the hundredth tiger. ” Now the Maharaja took a vow ( कसम ) that he would attend to all other matters only after killing the hundred tigers.

Questions from the ” Tiger King “- From Vistas – HBSE/ CBSE/Other Boards 12th Class

And he started killing tigers one after the other. Thus the king came to be called the Tiger King.

Question – What did the hunters ( शिकारी ) do with the hundredth tiger after the Maharaja had left?


Who actually ( वास्तव में )  killed the hundredth tiger ?

Answer – The hunters ( शिकारी ) found that the tiger was not dead. The bullet (गोली ) had missed the aim. The old tiger had fainted ( बेहोश होना ) from the sharp sound of the bullet. But they didn’t  ( did not ) want the Maharaja to know of it. So one of them ( the hunters ) took aim and shoot the tiger dead.

(The name of the story is Tiger King )

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