Haryana Board 12th English Paper Solution - 29th Sept 2015

HBSE took the English Paper for lakhs of Students of Senior Secondary Classes ( Science, Commerce and Arts ). The paper took place in various centres in the state. The timing of the paper was 2:30 to 5:00.

As it was the first day, there was much hotch -potch in the examination centres. The students were finding it difficult to find their exam seats. As a result, in some exam centres the exam started 10 or 15 minutes late.

The English Paper had three sets - Set A, Set B and Set C. It was the paper of 80 Marks strictly based on the syllabus prescribed by Haryana Board. There were many sections in the Paper - Reading Skills, Grammar/ Writing Skills/ Main Reader/Poetry Section/Supplementary Reader. Here in this article we shall solve the Grammar portion of all the Three sections.

BSEH 12th Class English Paper Grammar Solution Sept 2015 Exam -

English Paper Set A

Question 2 A - Correct forms of Verbs -

1. He has already written five letters and is still writing.

2. He is wearing a coat today as it is very cold today.

3. He has been suffering from typhoid since Sunday.

4. Last year I attended a conference at Ambala.

Q 2 b - Narration

1. The Servant says that lunch is ready.

2. He asked to open to door.

3. He asked me if I lived in Ludhiana.

4. He wished me that I might win a scholarship.

English Paper Set B

Q 2 a

1. We have considered all this before.

2. Dr Rajesh Sharma is leading the patrolling.

3. Two passengers got out and disappeared into the night.

4. He thanked me for what I had done.

Q 2 b - Narration -

1. She asked me if I was going to school.

2. The beggar begged to give him a ten rupee note.

3. Aruna confessed saying that she had been so foolish.

4. He said that he didn't understand that.

Haryana Board Set C English Grammar -

Q 2 a - Verbs -

1. My hostess keeps her promise.

2. Look! they are going down.

3. Maoris live in wooden houses.

4. As he could see, she was crying silently.

2 b - Narration -

1 Mother said that tea is ready.

2. She asked me where I was going.

3. The teacher advised not to make a noise.

4. Mohan rebuked you saying that you had acted very foolishly.


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