WHO List of Most Polluted Cites of India

Air Pollution – A Big Danger to the Human Beings

World Health Organization ( WHO) has unleashed its Urban Air Pollution assessment. This assessment shall certainly caused a great concern for the Indians. The list includes as many as 30 Most polluted cities of the world and it is quite shocking that as many as 15 cities have been included in this list.

But there is one respite for the Indians that Delhi which was on the first slot amongst the most populated cities’ list has slipped to 11th position. Iran’s town Zabol has beaten Delhi to clutch the first spot.

As far as Indian states are concerned, Punjab has performed worst by topping the list of the most polluted state of India. It’s four cities such as Ludhiana, Amritsar, Gobindgarh and Khanna have been figured in the list of worst 25 most polluted town. The criteria for measuring the purity was fine Particulate Matter ( PM 2.5) levels in the air.

Check the list of the most polluted cities along with their International Ranking –

Name of the City Global Ranking
Gwalior 02
Allahabad  03
 Patna  06
 Raipur  07
 Delhi  11
 Ludhiana  12
 Kanpur  15
 Khanna  16
 Firozabad  17
Lucknow 18

This release shows that 98% of cities in low and average income countries with more than one lac population don’t follow the WHO standards of air quality.

It was also mentioned in the Report that in 2012, pollution had caused a great mortality with around 37 lac people had lost their lives. The condition in the countries in South-East Asia is worse. The consequences of Pollution are deadly with the diseases like heart diseases, lung cancer, respiratory problem, skin cancer etc are very common.

Mostly the developing and under-develop  countries and the cities with industries are badly affected with poor quality of air. Such pollution level is causing a potential threat to the lives of millions of people. So quick steps are required to check it.

2019 Updates – As usual, people are leaving no stone unturned in making this environment more polluted, poisonous. This year is also the same case.

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