Questions/ Answers from The Third Level by Jack Finney

This post contains two questions – one long and one short – from the lesson/ story ” The Third Level ” by “ Jack Finney “- Hindi meaning of some very important English words –

Question – What do you infer from ( Mean by ) Sam’s letter to Charley ?

Answer – The first thing about Sam’s letter is that he mailed it to Charley’s grandfather, not to Charley. The envelope ( लिफाफा ) bore ( bear is the 1st form ) (carried, रखना , होना )  the address of Charley’s grandfather. The mail was never received by Charley.

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And the envelope ( लिफाफा ) was found not at the Galesburg address. It was at the New York apartment where Charley was at present living.

Questions/ Answers from the Story ” The Third Level”

Charley’s grandfather’s collection had now passed on to him. It was a collection of first-day covers. However, Sam’s letter was not a first-day cover. A first-day cover has a blank paper in it.

But this envelope contained a note that had been written by Sam to Charley. This note says that his friend, Sam, had found the third level. Sam has reached Galesburg where he is living happily. He invites his friend, Charley, and his wife Louisa to come there.

No doubt, it is another waking-dream wish fulfillment of Charley. It is his escapist fantasy (imagination).

Question – How does Charley define ‘ a first- day cover ‘ ? or

Q – What is ‘ a first-day cover ?

Answer – When they sold a new stamp, stamp collectors buy some of these. They use them to mail themselves on the very first day of the sale. The postmark proves the date. We call this envelope ‘ a first- day cover ‘.

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