Translation Practice Set 1 - From Hindi to English

Translation of sentences from English to Hindi and vice-versa is a very important topic in some of the exams in India. Translation also plays an important role for those who are learning English language and want to become translators.

For getting a good hold on the English language, this method of translation also plays a significant role.

Learn Tenses from this video.

For doing translation, a person must have the knowledge of some of the topics of English Grammar and Vocabulary. In Grammar, Tenses play a major role. Besides the learners must also have substantial knowledge of the Rules of Narration, Active and Passive Voice, Prepositions etc.

So get ready to do the translation of some of the sentences below and check your hold on English Language. The translation of the sentences is also given with the target sentences.

Note - Most of these sentences are based on tenses. So we advise you to read the rules of Tenses before you translate them. Read rules of Tenses from here.

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These are not so difficult sentences. In later Practice sets of Translation, the nature of sentences shall be more and more complicated

Translation Practice - Set 1

1. बच्चे रोज शतरंज खेलते हैं।

2. जब मैं वहां गया वह सो रही थी।

3. क्या तुम उसे पहचानते हो ?

4. तुम्हारा भाई कौन सी कक्षा में पढता है ?

5. तुम्हे इंग्लिश कौन पढ़ाता है ?

6. मेरे पहुंचने से पहले गाड़ी जा चुकी थी।

7. यदि तुम यहाँ आओगे हम तुम्हारी मदद करेंगे।

8. पंखा चल रहा था।

9. सुबह से बारिश हो रही है।

10. हमने नाश्ता कर लिया है।

11. वह इस समय खाना पका रही होगी।

12. क्या बारिश हो रही  है ?

13. हम जब से यहाँ आये उससे नहीं मिले हैं।

Translation of the above sentences in to English -

14. एक काम करोगे ?

15. चलें ?

16. बाल बच्चे कैसे हैं, भाई साहब ?

17. आज कैसे तकलीफ की ?

18. क्या मुझ पर एहसान करोगे ?

19. क्या आप  मुझ से नाराज हैं ?

20. कौन सी सड़क बैंक  तरफ जाती है ?

1. Children play chess everyday.

2. When I went there, she was sleeping.

3. Do you recognize him ?

4. In which class does your brother read ?

5. Who teaches you English ?

6. The train had left before I reached the station.

7. If you come here, we shall help you.

8. The fan was on.

9. It has been raining since morning.

10. We have taken our breakfast.

11. She will be cooking food this time.

12. Is it raining ?

13. We haven't seen him since we came here.

( Note - In such sentences connected with since we use present perfect in one part and past perfect in another one. )

14. Will you do one thing ?

15. Shall we go/ leave ?

16. How is the family, bro

Hindi to English Translation

17. What brought you here today ?

18. Will you do me a favor ?

19. Are you angry with me ?

20. Which road leads to the bank ?

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