Spoken English – Useful Sentences for Daily Use

Below are very good sentences and a list of useful sentences via links If you wish to be fluent in English speaking and you are a tyro in its use, you must learn first of all some frequently used English

Pick out Nouns and Pronouns from Sentences

Students must pick out Nouns and Pronouns from the under given  sentences – Learn how to choose nouns and pronouns – Use important links There are some simple sentences. You need to find out Nouns and Pronouns from them. Though

Practice Set from Hindi to English for Idioms & Phrases

Read the sentences below – Translation of sentences of Idioms and Phrases from English to Hindi – Sea abound in all kind of animals. समुद्र अनेक प्रकार की मछलियों से भरा पड़ा है। Our teacher is a very absent- minded

Simple English Sentences – Must be used in Primary Classes

To improve the level of teaching at Primary Levels and High Levels, it is necessary for the teachers to use Spoken English in the class-rooms. These simple English Sentences can be related with class-room activities, etiquette etc. Here the purpose

Sentences related with Etiquette, Warnings, Signals

In one of our blogs, we had written some important sentences of daily use. Now in this blog, we shall publish some very important sentences related with etiquette, general warnings and signals. After learning such sentences, you can improve your

Sentences related with Traveling in Hindi and English

Here we are providing a few sentences related with journey/ traveling. You can use them at various situations. Learn them and make your language impressive and useful. Sentences we use while travel – हम कल रास्ता भूल गए थे। –

Useful Sentences regarding Marriage and Cinema

We are covering sentences regarding Marriage and Cinema. The first one is inevitable event and the second one, place. So the goers of these places must prepare these sentences if they have to encounter English speaking place or show off.

Learn Sentences concerned with Animals

Here we are targeting those sentences which are linked with activities regarding animals. Theses sentences will be very beneficial for the beginners and small children. These are very common sentences for the junior students. Even these sentences will help the

How to Tell/ Ask Time in English – 22 Useful Sentences

On this page, you will learn how to tell/ ask time. These sentences are very useful as far as spoken and written English is concerned. Read them and practice them over and again till you get perfection. Sentences related with

Sentences Related with Good/ Best Wishes in English and Hindi

Life is full of occasions and festivals. During such occasions we meet so many people. We wish them and they reciprocate our wishes. There are occasions like birthdays, marriages, anniversaries etc. The wishes on such occasions and festivals make life

25 Sentences related with Quarrel / Anger – Hindi to English

In this article, we shall provide you 25 very important sentences related with Quarrel and Anger. These sentences are also part of our Daily Conversation. For the convenience of the Non-native learners of English, we have translated them into Hindi.

Spoken English – 20 Sentences related with Games and Sports

In spoken English, people need variety of sentences. There are sentences related with business, every day activity, etiquette, manners, hobbies, weather etc. There are also sentences related with Games/Sports. You need to be acquainted with them. We are providing you

Learn Idioms & Phrases with Usage in Sentences

Idioms and phrases are the integral part of any language. They are the ornaments. In order to make a language effective, the speaker must Idioms & Phrases. They form a rich, strong and effective vocabulary. As a result their use

Important Sentences related with Food/ Meals

Meals related very useful sentences – Are you feeling hungry ? What will you like to have in your dinner ? and so on. Such sentences related with food or meals are used much in our daily life. We face

Pick The Odd One Out From The Given Sentences

Learn how to pick out odd one out – Answer is being provided after each and every question – These sentences are very important for the examinees – Useful links for the candidates Choose the odd one out from the given

Translation Practice Set 1 – From Hindi to English

Translation of sentences from English to Hindi and vice-versa is a very important topic in some of the exams in India. Translation also plays an important role for those who are learning English language and want to become translators. For

Translation Sentences related with Adjective – Hindi to English

Prepare Adjective related translation from Hindi to English – Important sentences for English Learners – Useful links for the examinees Translation Sentences of Adjectives from Hindi to English – ये लड़कियां धूप में खेल रहीं हैं।   – These girls

Use of Compound Sentences with Examples

Here we shall combine simple sentences to make a compound sentence – It contains a co-ordinate clause or more than one main clause ( part )  – Imp/ Useful links on this page Combining sentences using as well as, either….or,

English Sentences related with Business & Dealings

We are providing you some of the very important sentences related with day-to-day dealings and Businesses. Such sentences shall certainly instill you with confidence during the interactions with the customers, shop-keepers and people. So get ready to read, consume  and

Daily Use Sentences from Hindi to English

Learn this important sentences from Hindi to English – Useful for English Learners – Find Important links on this page – Translation of Daily Use sentences –  a. पुस्तक को चालीस नम्बर पेज पर खोल लो। – Open the book

English to Hindi Translation – Famous Sentences

Learn famous Sentences of daily use from English to Hindi – Useful links on this page for the upcoming exams and learning English –  Translation of Famous Sentences ( English to Hindi ) – 1 . He says that he