Pick out Nouns and Pronouns from Sentences

Students must pick out Nouns and Pronouns from the under given  sentences – Learn how to choose nouns and pronouns – Use important links

There are some simple sentences. You need to find out Nouns and Pronouns from them. Though we have provided answers, you will ignore them. You will just use them to tally your answers. If your answer is wrong, you will correct it by seeing our answer.

Find out nouns and pronouns from the following sentences with solution at the end of each question –

They used to tell a story.

They is a Pronoun

Story – Noun

Pen dropped in to water. We purchased it last day.

Pen – Noun

Water – Noun

We – Pronoun

It – Pronoun

Day – Noun

Rudra and his friends are visiting this city.

Rudra – Noun

His – Pronoun

Friends – Noun

City – Noun

Kinjal has torn the book she had bought last week.

Kinjal – Noun

Book – Noun

She – Pronoun

Week – Noun

They have a red bat.

They – Pronoun

Bat – Noun

The students wrote on a board before he entered the classroom.

Note – With enter we don’t use into.

Students – Noun

Board – Noun

He – Pronoun

Classroom – Noun

People are going there. They are carrying stones.

People – Noun

They – Pronoun

Stones – Noun

Rudra and she play cricket everyday.

Rudra – Noun

She – Pronoun

Cricket – Noun

The mechanic likes his tools.

Mechanic – Noun

His – Pronoun

Tools – Noun

She is a sister of theirs.

She – Pronoun

Sister – Noun

Theirs – Pronoun

They have done their best.

They – Pronoun

Their – Pronoun

We shall write about another topic of grammar. You can suggest us the topic if you like. We shall add some more sentences. So, keep visiting this website. These sentences are very important for your exams. Prepare them properly. If you find any error in them, feel free to inform us via comment box below. Best wishes for your career.

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