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Grammar Practice Set –

Use of Verbs/ Tense

a. If you ——— ( go ) there, he will meet you.

b. If you ———-( go ) there, he would meet you. And

c. If you ————( go ) there, he would have met you.

Note : – If there is if – clause and in one part will/ shall/ can/ may + verb 1st is given, in if-part we use verb 1st or s/es.

And if in the 2nd part, we have would/ could/ might + verb 1st, we use verb 2nd in the 1st part.

And if in the 2nd part, we have would/ could/ might + have + verb 3rd, we use had + verb 3rd in the 1st part.

d. He ———— ( reach ) home before he ———–( get ) late.

e. He ———— ( reach ) home after he ————-( get ) late.

f. After he ————-( get ) late, he ————– ( reach ) home.

Note 1 – Before means पहले  and After means बाद में, had + verb 3rd follow their Hindi meaning and in the 2nd blank, we use verb 2nd.

g. He ————- ( go ) there yesterday.

h. India ———– ( get ) freedom in 1947.

i. He ————- ( go ) there last week.

j. He ————– ( help ) me seven days ago.

Note 2 :- With the words ‘ yesterday’, ‘ last ‘, ‘ago’ and with any past or historic event, we use verb 2nd.


k. Speak slowly lest you ———–awake the child.

l. Walk fast lest you ———– miss the train.

Note 3 :- With the word ‘ lest ‘, we use modal ‘should’.

m. ———–God bless you !

n. ———–you live long !

Note 4 : – If there is a sense of wish / prayer and if in the beginning of sentence there is a blank and in the end there is sign of exclamation ( ! ), we use the modal ‘ may ‘.

o. I ———- like to take tea.

p. She ———— like to take juice.

Note 5 :- If after the blank there is the word ‘ like ‘, we use the modal ‘ would ‘.


q. Ravi is ———— tallest student in our class.

r. It is ———– highest peak in the world.

Note 6 :- With superlative degree, we use article ‘ the ‘.

s. He is the President of ————union.

t. She is ————– European girl.

u. ————– umbrella is useful in rains.

v. ———- uncle is standing outside.

Note 7 : If ‘ u ‘ vowel ‘ gives the sound of  ‘य’, we use article ‘ a ‘ and if the same vowel gives the sound of   ‘अ’, we use article ‘ an ‘.

Solution –

a. go b. went c. had gone d. had reached, got e. reached, had got f. had got, reached g. went h. got i. went j. helped k. should l. should m. May n. May o. would p. would q. the r. the s. a t. a u. an v. an

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