The Portrait of a Lady - Very Short / Objective Type Questions

Prepare Very Short / Objective Type Questions from The Portrait of a Lady by Khushwant Singh - For the students of 11th Class - Based On NCERT book - Hornbili

Portait of a Lady by Khushwant Singh

Q. - Who is the author of The Portrait of a Lady ?

Answer - Mr. Khushwant Singh

Q. Whose auto-biography is this the story ?

Answer - Khushwant Singh

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Q. Which community does the writer belong to ?

Answer - Sikh community

Q. Where had his parents left for ?

Answer - For the city

Q. Who would wake him up and get ready for the school ?

Answer - Grandmother

Q. What was there in writer's breakfast ?

Answer - A thick and stale chapatti with a little butter and sugar spread on it

Q. To whom does she feed at the temple door ?

Answer - To the dogs.

Q. What do they sing in the school ?

Answer- Alphabet

Q. What was the turning point in the relationship of the writer and the grandmother ?

Answer - In the city when the grandmother could not go to writer's school

Q. Why was she disturbed one day ?

Answer - When the writer announced one day, he was being given music lessons.

Q. Whose monopoly was the music, according to her ?

Answer - Harlots and beggars

Q. What was the common link between the two ?

Answer - The room which they both shared.

Q. When was the common link of friendship snapped between them ?

Answer - When the writer went to University

Q. What was her happiest half an hour ?

Answer - When she would feed sparrows

Q. Who substituted dogs in the city ?

Answer - Sparrows

Q. For further studies where had the writer gone ?

Answer - Abroad

Q. How long had he to be in abroad ?

Answer - For five years

Q. What were her fingers busy of ?

Answer - In telling the beads of rosary

Q. Did the writer expect to see his grandmother again after he had returned from abroad ?

Answer - No

Q. How did she welcome her grandson when he had returned from abroad ?

Answer - For many hours she thumped the old drum and sang of the home-coming of warriors

Q. For the first time what had she not done ?

Answer - She did not pray.

Q. What happened after she sang a lot ?

Answer - She fell ill and died.

Q. How did her members of the family come to know of her death ?

Answer - The rosary fell from her lifeless fingers and her lips stopped moving

Q. Who had thrown bread crumbs to the sparrows ?

Answer - The writer's mother.

Q. Did the sparrows eat the bread crumbs ?

Answer - No.

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