Objective Questions from The Ailing Planet : the Green Movement's Role

Very short questions / Objective Type Questions from the essay " The Ailing Planet : the Green Movement's Role " - The name of the book is Hornbill for class 11th students

Green Movement

Q. Who has written the essay "The Ailing Planet : the Green Movement's Role " ?

Answer - Nani Palkhivala

Q. Which movement is being talked here ?

Answer - Green Movement

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Q. What is name of the newspaper where this article got the place ?

Answer - The Indian Express on 24th Nov 1994

Q. Which country had founded the Green Movement ?

Answer - New Zealand in 1972

Q. Who taught the humanity that the earth and other planets revolved round the sun ?

Answer - Copernicus

Q. Who popularized the conceptĀ  of sustainable development in 1987 ?

Answer - The World Commission on Environment and Development

Q. Whose member was Mr. L.K. Jha ?

Answer - The Brandt Commission

Q. How many species excluding human beings live on the earth ?

Answer - 1.4 million living species

Q. Where is the zoo located ?

Answer - At Lusaka, Zambia

Q. What is there inside the zoo ?

Answer - A mirror

Q. What is written on the signboard outside the zoo ?

Answer - The world's most dangerous animal.

Q. What is the world's most dangerous animal ?

Answer - Human being himself

Q. Who has written the book " The Global Economic Prospect " ?

Answer - Mr. Lester R. Brown

Q. What are four principal biological systems of the earth ?

Answer - Fisheries, forests, grasslands, and croplands

Q. Who had uttered these beautiful words : " the powerhouse of evolution " ?

Answer - Dr. Myers

Q. According to which agency, we need a five fold increase in the rate of forest planting to cope with the expected fuel-wood demand in the year 2000 ?

Answer - The World Bank

Q. Whose felicitous words are these : " No generation has a freehold on this earth. All we have........- with a full.......lease "

Answer - Margaret Thatcher

Q. " We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers ; we have borrowed it from our children. " Who has spoken these beautiful words ?

Answer - Mr. Lester Brown

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