Very Short Questions from Discovering Tut : the Saga Continues

Objective Type/ Very short questions from the essay Discovering Tut : the Saga Continues by A. R. Williams for 11th Class - From the book Hornbill - Based on pattern / NCERT

King Tut

Q. Who has written the information / essay Discovering Tut : the Saga ( story ) Continues ?

Answer - A. R. Williams

Q. What is the full name of Tut ?

Answer - Tutankhamun

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Q. What is the meaning of the word ' pharaoh ' ?

Answer - King

Q. Meaning of the word ' mummy ' ?

Answer - Dead body

Q. Which country did Tut and his family rule ?

Answer - Egypt

Q. When was Tut's mummy first discovered ?

Answer - In 1922

Q. Why did the King Tut leave his coffin first time in 80 years ?

Answer - For undergoing a C.T. ( Computed Tomography ) scan

Q. Where was king Tut buried ?

Answer - In Egyptian cemetery known as the Valley of the Kings.

Q. When was his dead body ( mummy ) taken out from his burial place ?

Answer - On 5th January 2005

Q. When had the king Tut died ?

Answer - More than 3,300 years ago.

Q. What was the pharaoh's curse ?

Answer - Death or misfortune falling upon those who disturbed him

Q. Where was his rock-cut tomb situated ?

Answer - Some 26 feet underground

Q. Who had come to see his tomb ?

Answer - The tourists

Q. Who was the Secretary General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities ?

Answer - Zahi Hawass

Q. Who discovered Tut's mummy in 1922 ?

Answer - The British archeologist Howard Carter

Q. How was Tut's mummy taken out from his coffin ?

Answer - Using chisel

Q. What had they done to take out his mummy before using chisel ?

Answer - They heated it to 149 degrees Fahrenheit

Q. When had the anatomy professor X- rayed his mummy ?

Answer - In 1968

Q. What startling fact had the professor revealed ?

Answer - Beneath his chest, his breast bone and front ribs were missing

Q. What are the biggest questions whose answers the science world could not find so far ?

Answer - How did he die ? and How old was he at the time of his death

Q. Who was the director of the University of Chicago's research centre in Luxor ?

Answer - Mr. Ray Johnson

Q. What is the site of ancient Thebes ?

Answer - Luxor

Q. Who had donated the C.T. scan machine for mummies ?

Answer - National Geographic Society and Siemens

Q. Which institute of Egypt count mummies ?

Answer - The Egyptian Mummy Project founded in late 2003

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