Deep Water by William Douglas – Very Short Questions

Very short questions from Deep Water written by William Douglas – Objective Type Questions from Flamingo based on NCERT – With Answers

Deep Water Questions

Q. Who has written the story Deep Water ?

Answer – William Douglas

Q. What is the life term of William Douglas ?

Answer – He had taken birth in 1898 in Maine, Minnesota and died in 1980.

Q. Who was the writer’s friend ?

Answer – D. Roosevelt ( the former President of America )

Q. Who was the longest-serving Justice in the history of the court ?

Answer – William Douglas

Q. From which book by William O’ Douglas has this autobiographical note Deep Water been taken ?

Answer – Of Men and Mountains

Q. What is full form of YMCA ?

Answer – Young Men’s Christian Association, the pool located in Yakima

Q. Who continually warned the narrator against the river ?

Answer – The mother

Q.Which river is being talked here ?

Answer – Yakima river located in Yakima state in the USA

Q. Who had taken him to the beach of California when he was just three or four years old ?

Answer – His father

Q. Whose terror did the narrator feel in his heart ?

Answer – The overpowering force of water ( waves )

Q. Who had pulled him in the swimming pool ?

Answer – A boy who may be 18 years old.

Q. How much deep was the deep end ?

Answer – Nine feet

Q. What was the depth of swimming pool from the shallow end ?

Answer – Two feet

Q. How many efforts did the narrator make in water ?

Answer – Three

Q. Whom did he hire on one October to learn swimming ?

Answer – Instructor

Q. Who uttered this line ” All we have to fear is fear itself ” ?

Answer – Roosevelt

Q. Which lake did he mention here ?

Answer – The Warm Lake

Q. Whom did he copy while swimming alone in the lake ?

Answer – Doug Corpron

Q. Which peak does the narrator mention here ?

Answer – Gilbert Peak

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