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Question – What was the ” misadventure at the Y.M.C.A ( Young Men Christian Association ) pool that the writer ‘William Douglas’, speaks about?

Before attempting the answer read the summary ( Deep Water ).

Answer :- The writer ‘Douglas’ ( Deep Water ) had joined the Y.M.C.A. pool to learn to swim. One day, he was sitting alone on the side of the pool. He was fearful ( afraid ) of going into the water alone. That day he had reached earlier. So he was waiting for others to come. Suddenly ( अचानक ) a big boy came in and picked Douglas up. The boy tossed ( उछालना ) William Douglas into the pool.

Misadventure at Y.M.C.A Pool – Answer

The writer was frightened ( Fearful ), but he had senses ( समझ ). Douglas at once went to the bottom (तल ) of the pool. One the way down, he made a plan. As per this plan, he would make a big jump to the surface ( ऊपरी सतह ). But young Douglas came up very slowly. He could see nothing but ( सिवाए )water. He was fearful. Twice ( Two times ) he tried to jump, but it made no difference ( फर्क ). At last, he stopped all efforts ( प्रयास ). He felt easy ( relaxed ). There was no more fear. Everything was dark now. But luckily ( सौभाग्य से ) , Before he was dead, Douglas was taken out of the pool and saved.

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How did Douglas develop an aversion ( fear/ hate/ dislike ) to water ?

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