Describe Seemapuri- a place on the Periphery of Delhi- Lost Spring

Read/ Write about Seemapuri from the story ‘Lost Spring‘ bu ‘Anees Jung’- Describe Seemapuri- Imp for 12th HBSE ( Haryana Board ), CBSE final exams

Q. How does the writer describe Seemapuri, a place on the periphery of Delhi ?

Answer – In the story ‘ Lost Spring‘ the writer Anees Jung mentions Seemapuri, a town on the periphery ( boundary ) of Delhi. It is a slum area. Around 10,000 rag-pickers ( कूड़ा बीनने वाले ) live here. Their houses are structures of mud. They have roofs of tin and tarpaulin ( तिरपाल  ). In Seemapuri, there is no sewage ( सीवरेज की व्यवस्था ) drainage ( नालियां ). The people of Seemapuri had come from Bangladesh in 1971. These people have no identity. But they have ration card ( राशन कार्ड ).

Long Questions from Lost Spring

Describe the town of Seemapuri ( Lost Spring )-

They have their names on voters’ list. Food is more important for them than else. They pitch ( गाड़ देना ) their tents wherever they can find food. For them rag-picking means their food or their life. Rag – piking ( garbage ) to them is gold. Here gold means daily bread. For children, it is more than daily bread. For children, it is an amazing thing ( हैरान करने वाली वस्तु ) wrapped in wonder ( हैरानी ). When they find a silver coin in a heap ( ढेर ) of garbage ( कूड़ा – कड़कर ) , they do not stop probing it. These children have always hope of finding more.

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Read the description about Firozabad also/ Pitiable conditions of bangle-makers especially of children like Mukesh.

Q. Write a brief ( short ) note on the town of Firozabad ( a town famous for its bangles ).

Answer- The writer has mentioned another town in the story and it is Firozabad. This town is dusty.  It is famous for its bangles. Almost all the families here are engaged in making bangles. It is the centre of India’s glass- blowing industry. For generation ( पीढ़ियों से ) Families in the town ( Firozabad ) have been working around glass furnaces (शीशे की भठियाँ ). These people of Firozabad weld glass and make bangles for the women of all the country. Even after this, these people have are very poor.

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They have to work in high temperature. They have to work in dingy (अंधकारमय, नीरस ) cells without air and light. Around 20,000 children have to work in dark places all day long. Their eyes get more adjusted to the dark than to the light outside . Many of them lose their eyesighrt even before they become adults . The poor bangle makers lead a miserable / pitiable ( दयनीय ) lief .They are exploited by middlemen, police men, sahukars, officials and politicians.

Q. Also reproduce briefly ( shortly ) the story related to the man from Udipi.


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