Very Short Questions from Lost Spring by Anees Jung

Prepare Objective Type / Very Short Questions from the story " Lost Spring " by Anees Jung- From 12th Class Book ( Flamingo ) - Based on NCERT for HBSE, CBSE and other boards

Lost Spring

Q. Who is the writer of the story " Lost Spring " ?

Answer - Anees Jung

Q. From which book has the excerpt been taken ?

Answer - Lost Spring, Stories of Stolen Childhood

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Q. When and where was the writer born ?

Answer - In 1964 in Rourkela and spent her childhood and adolescent in Hyderabad

Q. There are two parts of the story. Name them.

Answer - 1st Part - Sometimes I find a Rupee in the garbage.

2nd part - I want to drive a car.

Q. Whom does the writer speak in the first part ?

Answer - Saheb and his friends

Q. What is the full name of Saheb ?

Answer - Saheb-e- Alam

Q. Where has Saheb come from ?

Answer - Dhaka ( Bangladesh )

Q. What is the meaning of his name ?

Answer - Lord of the Universe

Q. What are the boys not wearing ?

Answer - Chappals ( Footwear )

Q. Where does a man of the story belong to ?

Answer - Udipi

Q. What is the boy's father in the story ?

Answer - A priest

Q. What is the occupation of Saheb and his friends ?

Answer - Ragpicking

Q. Where does the Saheb's family live in India ?

Answer - Seemapuri ( on the periphery of Delhi )

Q. When had they come to India ?

Answer - In 1971

Q. How many ragpickers live thereĀ  ?

Answer - Around 10,000.

Q. What is more important for them for survival ?

Answer - Food

Q. Which game is Saheb watching ?

Answer - Lawn Tennis

Q. Where is Saheb working ?

Answer - At the tea-stall

Q. Which place is famous for bangles ?

Answer - Firozabad ( UP )

Q. What does Mukesh want to become ?

Answer - Motor mechanic

Q. What business does Mukesh's family do ?

Answer - They make bangles

Q. How many children work in bangle industry ?

Answer - Around 20,000.

Q. When the writer visit Mukesh's house, whom does she confront ?

Answer - Mukesh's sister-in-law ( bhabhi )

Q. What is Mukesh's sister-in-law cooking that time ?

Answer - She is preparing evening meal. Spinach leaves are boiling in a large vessel.

Q. How was Mukesh's grandfather got blind ?

Answer - By the powder of the glass

Q. Had Mukesh and his brother ever been to school ?

Answer - No

Q. What do they have what the most of the people don't have ?

Answer - House

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