Important Sentences related with Food/ Meals

Meals related very useful sentences

Are you feeling hungry ? What will you like to have in your dinner ? and so on. Such sentences related with food or meals are used much in our daily life. We face many situations when we face such situations when we re expected to utter Food/ Meals related sentences.

At the table at home or at restaurant, with friends, relatives and strangers, in formal and informal situations everywhere we need such sentences. So it is very necessary for us to prepare and use Sentences related with Food / Meals.

Useful Sentences Related with Meals/ Food

1. Have all the people taken breakfast ? – क्या सब लाग नाश्ता कर चुके हैं ?

2. What would you have – tea or coffee ? – क्या लेंगे – चाय या कॉफ़ी ?

3. No, thanks / Yes, please – नहीं धन्यवाद / हाँ जी

4. What is there for dessert ? – खानें में मीठा क्या है ?

5. He is a glutton ( a person who eats too much) – वह बड़ा पेटू है।

English Sentences related with Meals

6. He eats boiled eggs – वह उबले  अंडे खाता है।

7. I’m vegetarian / non-vegetarian – मै शाकाहारी / मासाहारी हूँ।

8. Please, pass me the salt – कृप्या मुझे नमक पकड़ाइए।

9. Please, have some more – थोड़ा और लीजिए।

10. We have served food – हमने खाना परोस दिया है।

11. Please, help yourself – कृप्या अपने अाप लीजिए।

12. There is less salt in the vegetable – सब्जी में नमक कम है।

13. You have eaten very little/ You have hardly eaten anything – अपने कुछ खाया तो है ही नहीं।

14. He is addicted to tea/ He can’t do without tea – उसे चाय की लत है।

15. Pour some more dal ( pulse) – थोड़ी दाल डालिए।

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