Role of Discipline in our life – A Brief Essay

Essay on Value/ Role of Discipline for School/ College Students

Discipline or Self-discipline is one of the highest traits of human personality. The concept of discipline is as old as as man’s wish to form a civilized society. In other words, discipline is the pre-requisite of any civilized society.

It is quite indispensable to peaceful and orderly co-existence of human beings. In everybody’s life there is the need of some rules and regulations to run the life smoothly.

Disciplined life is always appreciated by everybody, even those who are highly undisciplined. Discipline is the base of the whole universe. Even the heavenly bodies such as the Moon, the Earth, and other planets follow rules.

They move on a set orbit around the Sun. The sun rises and sets at the fixed time. The earth completes its round of the sun in the fixed hours. The moon waxes and wanes following time. The nights and days follow each other following some rules. All such movements are governed by some law of nature.

Man’s life without discipline is nothing. That man can’t get success in life. If he has to get progress, stability, and strength in life, he will have to follow some rules in life. For all walks of people, it is necessary.

Undisciplined life will cause unrest and anarchy in society and life. So it is necessary for all, children, students, youngsters, elders, shop-keepers, farmers, officers et al.

Students must obey their parents and teachers. They must get up and go to bed on time. Students must be punctual in their studies and going and coming to/ from schools. They must make their time-table and work accordingly. They will certainly taste success in their life if they do so.

Value of Discipline in our life

There is a very good saying regarding discipline – Wise men preach discipline, great men practice it, while fools defy it. The success/failure of a nation certainly depends upon the presence or absence of discipline in the national life of its people. The people of developed countries are seen more disciplined.

Great people have demonstrated discipline through their lives. They got the desired success in their respective fields as they were highly disciplined.

A person who is indiscipline is not considered worthy in life. He doesn’t get respect and success in life. His life is compared with a ship without captain or a kite without string and so on.

Indiscipline includes the following things – getting up and going to bed late, not taking foods on time, not working main work on time, putting it off  for the next day, watching too much TV etc.

But we would like to say that the human life is also not made to move around only discipline. Sometimes it is better to be undisciplined. On holidays you can break some laws regarding your sleeping and getting up, taking food and enjoying movies.

Don’t follow very strict discipline that people liken you to a computer or robot. Human-beings are human-beings, full of emotions, full of  joys. So change is also must, it is the spice of life.

So discipline to some extent is good, but living the whole life on the basis of it may turn your life insipid.

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