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Everybody aspires to be successful in life. All our actions are meant to get progress in life. But getting success or progress is not an easy task. There are many ups and downs in life. Every time you have to rise after falling down. Failure is the stepping stone to success in life. So have heart to embrace even failures in life. Failures are the big bones in disguise.

So don't feel dejected even when you are facing failure. Rather learn from it, rise and keep moving ahead until you taste success in life. These following Quotes of great people of the world may teach you as to how you can transform your failures in to success and sorrows in to joys.

उन्नति दायक सूक्तियाँ- Progress and Success Quotes, Peace

Start your work with great resolution. You shall certainly taste the success. And if your heart is pure, the success shall be permanent - Gandhi Ji

I shall be the architecture of myself - Gete

The character's beauty has two basis - Determination and Self-constraint. - F.B Robertson

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Man must believe in action without much seeking the fruits of it - Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita

If you want to rule over others, you must learn to rule yourself - Philip Massinger

Have peace and patience and be ready to rule others - Anonymous

Man is not born ready-made. We are illiterate like stones by birth. Then we are transformed in to beautiful or ugly statues of which we ourselves are the creators. - Acharya Rajnish

जो मुद्धा है , वोह टल सकता नहीं  ग़ालिब कभी।
तेरी किस्मत का तुझे मिलता है छप्पर फाड़ के। - ग़ालिब

Bury your dead past, indefinite future is before you and always remember the each word, thought and creation help in creating your beginning - Swami Vivekananda Ji

If you are lethargic, don't be alone and if your are lonely don't be lethargic - Johnson

शांति व् सफलता सम्बंधित सूक्तियां

Worshiping the great is tantamount to be great - Mrs Neckar

Man's knowledge is his fast friend and his foolishness is his dead enemy - Sir Temple

Every thing is a riddle and every riddle leads to the solution of another riddle - Emerson

Don't turn your back against the action. The action is the biggest prayer of the God by the body - Prof Arvind

Anything done late is not beneficial for the doers whereas the work on time proves to be a great beneficial - Ved Vyas Ji

Cultivate the habit of listening ! Even you shall be benefited from those who don't know how to speak - Plutarch

If you wish to do any work beautifully, you must do it yourself - Napoleon

If any man is unhappy, this is his fault because God has made all the creatures happy - Anonymous

Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. - Edward Stanley

" अच्छा दिन खुशियाँ लाता हैं " और बुरा दिन अनुभव --- एक सफल जिंदगी के लिए दोनों जरूरी होती हैं।

Don't think what the World will say ....

For the World is very strange,

It makes fun of unsuccessful people

and be jealous of successful people. - Anonymous


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These quotes are invaluable. If a person follows any of them, his/her life can be successful and happy.

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