Computer Knowledge Paper – 2 for SSC, IBPS Exams

Computer has become an integral part of almost all the competitive exams these days. Therefore it is must to have knowledge Computer. But it is sufficient to have basic knowledge of this subject to clear this Computer Paper. We have already provided Computer Knowledge Paper 1. Now it’s time for Computer Knowledge Paper – 2.

So check your Computer Knowledge from the Paper 2 below –

Q. 1. What is it that performs simple math for CPU ?

Q. 2. When computers gather data, which data do they allow the users to use ?

Q. 3. Give the full form of ROM.

Q. 4. What is it that is a long, rubber coated bundle of wires, with plugs on either end, that connects computer parts ?

Q. 5. What do we call the numbering system that uses only 0 and 1 for counting ?

Q. 6. What is the full form of PC ?

Q. 7. What function does a Compiler do ?

Q. 8. What is the problem oriented language ?

Q. 9. What do we call a name or number that is used to identify a storage location devices ?

Q. 10. What is the secondary memory device in computer ?

Important Questions related with Computer Knowledge

Q. 11. What was the first electronic computer in the world ?

Q. 12. What is the most important advantage of IC ?

Q. 13. What was the first firm to mass-market a micro-computer as a personal computer ?

Q. 14. What computer class does IBM system/38 represent ?

Q. 15. What was the first machine to successfully perform a long series of arithmetic and logical operations?

Q. 16. Which is an easily relocatable language ?

Q. 17. What is it that transforms input into output ?

Q. 18. When do we use Ctrl + P ?

Q. 19. How many functions keys are there in a modern key board ?

Q. 20. What is the full form of GUI ?

Answers – 1. ALU 2. Input 3. Read only Memory 4. Cable 5. Binary 6. Personal Computer 7. translates instruction of a high level language into machine language 8. High Level Language 9. An address 10. Disc 11. ENIAC 12. Extremely high reliability 13. Data General Corporation 14. Small Scale Computer 15. Mark 1 16. Assembly Language 17. CPU 18. For Printing a document 19. Twelve 20. Graphical User Interface

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