Computer Knowledge ( GK) Question Paper for IBPS Clerk PO Exam

The knowledge of Computer is checked in the exams these days. It has become an inseparable part of these exams especially by IBPS. The Banking Exams are conducted from time to time for the posts of Clerks and PO and other posts as well.

Computer GK Question PaperBesides Numerical Aptitude, Reasoning Test, English Competence Test and General Awareness Test, Computer Knowledge Test is also taken. This paper consists questions related with Computer and its operation.

We have put some questions in this blog. These questions related with Computer Knowledge may be beneficial for you.

Q.What is the full form of WWW ?

Ans – World Wide Web

Q. Who had developed WWW and when ?

Ans- Tim Burners Lee in 1989

Q. ISP stands for –

Ans – Internet Service Provider

Q. What is the full form of URL?

Ans – Uniform Resource Locator

Q. HTTP Stands for –

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

Q. Give the full form of IETF and IRTF –

Internet Engineering Task Force and Internet Research Task Force

Q. What is Opera ?

Ans – A Browser

Computer GK Question Paper / Practice Paper

Q. When was Mozilla Firefox developed ?

Ans – In 2002 by Mozilla Foundation. Second most usable website of the world.

Q. Which engine is used by Mozilla Firefox to search web pages ?

Ans – Gecko Layout

Q. Who and when developed Google Chrome ?

Ans – Sept 2008 by Google Corporation. It is the 3rd most usable web browser in the world.

Q. Which Browser is most usable in the world ?

Ans – Internet Explorer

Q. When was Internet Explorer released ?

Ans – In 1995

Q. How many types of keys are there on Key board?

Answer – Mainly Four Types

Q. How many keys are on the multimedia keyboard ?

Answer – 140 Keys

Q. How many keys are there on the simple key board ?

Answer – 104 Keys

Q. What is joy stick ?

Ans – It is an input device used to play games.

Some more Computer GK / Facts/ Questions

Q. ALU comes for …

Answer – ALU stands for Arithmetic Logic Unit

Q. What does Dumb stand for in Windows Dumb ?

Answer – In Windows Dumb, Dumb stands for Millennium

Q. How many margins are there on the page?

Answer – There are four margins on the page.

Q. What is Dumb Terminal ?

Answer – Central Computer

Q. What is the other name of Junk-email ?

Answer – Spam

Q. What is Pascal ?

Answer – A programming language

Q. Q. What is MIDI ?

Answer – A port that connects some special musical instruments with sound cards.

Q. Computer language used in Internet is …

Answer – JAVA

Q. What is the full form of EDP ?

Answer – Electronic Data Processing

Q. What is the no of function keys on the key board ?

Answer – 12

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We shall update this post with some more questions related to computer for the upcoming exams. So you are suggested to visit the page for more questions.

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