Role / Importance of English in India – A Brief Essay

If you are a student of B.Ed or you have to take 12th Board Exam and if you are searching for the essay Role of English, you are at the right page. For B.Ed Students, this topic is a part of syllabus and for 10th and 12th students this essay is one of the most expected essays for board exams.

Expected Questions of English B.Ed

12th Class CBSE, HBSE important English Questions

English is an international language. Its role in the modern world can’t be denied. Here are some of the fields where English plays an important part.

In Education –

English is the medium of instruction in schools, colleges and universities. In higher education, English plays bigger role. If you are pursuing technical education, you must have knowledge of English language otherwise you will fare badly in it. Now a days the govt is promoting this language in Govt schools as well.

As a library Language –

Good Reference books especially in Science subjects are found in  English. English is the key to the store-house of knowledge. In fact, English as an important library language plays a vital role in higher education.

English as an International Language –

If we look at the media we find that over 50% of the world’s newspapers, over 50% of the world’s scientific  and technical periodical and more than 60% world’s radio stations use English as medium of communication. In the words of F.G French ”

Because of rapid spread of industrial development, science and technology, international trade and commerce and the close interdependence of nations, English has become a world of language. ”

Gatak has given bigger stuff to prove as to why it can be called International Language –

It would be rash to cut ourselves from the English Language which keeps us in continuous contact with the latest though in Europe, in every field of life and culture.

Language of jobs –

If you are trying to grab any of the jobs in any domestic, international, private and govt sector, you will undergo Written Exam and Interview. In such Written exams and interviews English plays a prominent part. Even after getting jobs, English is helpful in getting quick promotions.

English as a Link Language –

English is the only language which is understood in all Indian states. Besides being a unifying force in out country, it also links us with other countries and the people of the world. So all these points clearly show that English is an International language and its role in India is very significant.

To sum up in the words of Pt Jawaharlal Nehru –

English is our major window on the modern world.

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