B.Ed English Expected Questions for All Universities – KUK, MDU, PU

B.Ed Course is must for becoming teachers in the capacity of Trained Graduate Teachers and Post Graduate Teachers in Govt Schools, Govt-aided Schools and Private Schools. Therefore millions of students across the country are pursuing this degree course called Bachelor of Education.

Almost all the universities of the country offer this course in regular mode and correspondent mode. The B.Ed exam is held every year. The students keep searching for B.Ed Exam Most Expected Questions. Here in this blog post, we are putting in sincere efforts in publishing the most expected Questions for B.Ed English Paper. We hope that you shall be benefited a lot.

B.Ed English Paper Expected Questions for all Universities like KUK, MDU, PU, CDLU, MGU, DU etc.

Q 1. Write a note on the future of English in India.

Q. 2. What are the objectives of teaching English as a secondary language at Secondary School level ?

Q. 3 Discuss briefly the aims of teaching English in Indian Schools.

Q. 4. ” The conditions under which English is being taught in our schools are far from satisfactory. ” Discuss. Also suggest Remedy.

Q. 5. How does the Bilingual Method of teaching English differ from the Grammar Translation and Direct Method of teaching English ? Elucidate with Examples.

Q. 6. ” Structural approach is an approach and not a method.” Discuss with reference to its characteristics and describe how it has influenced the teaching and learning of English in India.

Q. 7. What is eclectic approach and how it is useful in teaching English in Indian Classroom situations.

Q. 8. When should writing be introduced ? What are the initial difficulties in the way of teaching writing ?

Q. 9. What is the main difference between guided composition and free composition ? Which of these should be used at the early stages and why ?

Q. 10. ” Reading Comprehension involves understanding, reading of content, vocabulary, grammatical structures, concepts and relationship to ideas. ” Discuss.

Q. 11. Outline the various steps in teaching a prose lesson intensively at the secondary stage.

Q. 12. What is the Effective method of teaching of poetry in the classroom ? Explain it with a Lesson Plan.

Q. 13. What is the importance of continuous and comprehensive evaluation of English ? Explain.

Methods –

Audio Lingual Method

How to teach poetry in the class room ?

Bilingual Method

Direct Method

Communicative Language Teaching


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