Education via Television – An Impressive Teaching Aid – An Essay

TV is an effective teaching aid of education. Television is a wonderful gift of science. Like at home, it is also becoming very popular in schools. In some schools of the country, the students also get education through TV.No doubt, a conventional lesson reading in the Education via Televisionclass-room is often boring. It does not appeal most of the pupils. As a result, they do not attend it mentally. It means they are physically in the class-room, not mentally. And to create interest in the lessons, TV is a good source. No one can gainsay its effect on the minds of these young people.

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The students are curious to attend the Television Period. It provides them both education and entertainment. The best thing is that the TV teacher does not or can not put any question to them during the course of action. That’s why the students have neither worry not fear.

So class-room phobia disappears out and out. This teaching aid helps them focus on their lesson. Even the below-average boy has a smile on his face. He also starts taking interest in class-room studies.

Role of Television in Education – An Effective Teaching Aid TV

The process of teaching through TV is quite comfortable. As soon as the lesson ends, the doors are opened for some time. The students get some rest. Soon after a discussion between the teacher and the taught starts.

The teacher finds even the dullest students taking interest in such discussions. Now the back benchers come forward to take front benches. It shows their increased confidence.

Some good schools have television clubs. Teachers and a few intellectuals of the society are their members. They have their fixed meeting schedule. Even they send their lessons to All India Radio.

AIR prepares programmes ( lessons and teaching aids) on the basis of the suggestions received from teachers/ intellectuals. Even the govt provides lessons and teaching aids from the best teachers of the country for TV classes.

No doubt, Education via TV shall spread soon. Govt is doing its best to provide Televisions to all the schools. But money is a big problem. Some schools don’t have enough funds to purchase TVs.

There is also a drawback. Some lessons on very important topics are still not available or under preparation for want of teaching aids.

Television provides a complete picture of a teaching topic. The students can understand easily the lessons on abstract ideas or objects. We can learn lessons sitting comfortably in the class-room. There is no need of much discipline, no rebuking, no tension.

Students learn to focus on topics which leads to a good habit of self-study. Students get self-confidence. In a way, this is a practical way of learning, not a theoretical one.

And for a big country like India, providing education through TV may prove to be a big boon. It is a cheap, interesting, fearless, self-motivated, practical-way-of-teaching method.

It is also good for providing quality education when the country has dearth of good teachers. That’s why this method, Education through Television, has become quite popular among the students and teachers of all ages.

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