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BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. So BRICS is an acronym. BRICS 2016 Summit has taken place at Goa, India. All these member countries are leading developing or newly industrialized countries.

Originally it was BRIC. It was South Africa which entered last in to this group. There are a few questions/ facts along with the answers below. We hope that these questions shall be beneficial for all, especially the students preparing for competitive exams or knowledge seekers.

Learn Important Facts/ Questions on BRICS –

When was the term BRIC coined ?

Ans – in 2001.

Who had coined this term ?

Ans – Goldman Sachs

Where did the term first appeared ?

Ans – Goldman’s publication Building Better Global Economic BRICs

BRICS related facts & Questions

Where and when did the First BRIC summit take place ?

Ans – At Yekaterinburg, Russia on 16th June 2009

Where did 8th BRICS summit take place ?

Ans – Goa ( India)

When did South Africa become the member nation of BRIC officially ?

Ans – On 24th December 2010

Where will the 9th BRICS summit take place in 2017 ?

Ans – At Peking China

Which member country of BRICS has the highest GDP as per 2015 ?

Ans – India

Where did the 7th BRICS MEET take place ?

Ans – Ufa, Russia

Where did the 4th BRICS Summit take place ?

Ans – New Delhi, India

Who was the PM of India during the 4th Summit ?

Ans – Mr Manmohan Singh

What does CRA stand for in BRICS CRA ?

Ans – Contingent Reserve Arrangement

Where is BRICS New Development Bank located ?

Ans – In Shanghai, China

When did CRA and NDB ( New Development Bank ) become active ?

Ans – In 2015. They were signed in 2014 treaty.

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