Education and Movies – Students can learn a lot

Prima facie it looks weird and ridiculous that movies can also provide education to the children. But it is the fact that your children can get benefits educationally by watching movies. It is true that a person can receive education from anywhere. So movies are also not exception.

There have been a no of movies from which not only the students but also the grown up can learn a lot. In this connection I would mention Three Idiots starring Aamir Khan. This movie can be called the thesis on Indian Education System.

The movie teaches the students not to go after the marks but the knowledge. If you have knowledge, the success shall follow you.

The protagonist ( Aamir Khan ) doesn’t give importance to the marks in the examination system. Rather he had focused on learning. He loved to make machines rather than wasting time in getting bookish knowledge.

He also changed the mindset of his friends and in the end turned out to be very successful. The another movie also has Aamir as the star and name of the movie is Taare Jamin Par.

The movie shows how he helps the mentally abnormal child in his studies. He makes the studies interesting for the students. The movie focuses on the healthy and friendly relationship between the teachers and the taught. The movie rightly says that the teachers must stop behaving like a dictator.

The movies like PK and OMG give the clear-cut message that superstitions have become the part of all the religions. These movies educate their viewers about the imposters and shams who befool the credulous devotees in the name of religion and God.

In the past the movie Guide also had conveyed the same message. There are some movies in which the students get the learning of the bad impact of drugs on their lives. In some movies they are taught not to be the part of petty and selfish politics.

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