Child Development and Pedagogy Paper – 2

The candidates are preparing for CTET. Besides there are Teachers’ Eligibility Tests in various states like Haryana, Rajasthan etc. The Syllabus for all these tests is almost same with the same pattern. 150 Mark exam with 150 Questions.

One of the components for such test is Child Development and Pedagogy. We have already prepared the First Set of this paper. Now we are preparing the Paper 2 for this important topic. Click here for Child Development and Pedagogy Paper – 1

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Child Development and Pedagogy Question Paper – Part 2

Q. 1 What is required to raise the standard of education ?

a. high salary for the teachers

b. continuous evaluation of the students

c. continuous evaluation of the books

d. amendment in the syllabus

Q. 2. What is necessary for better education ?

a. Contemporary Education System

b. Education System with books

c. Semester System

d. Objective Type Questions

Q. 3. What is important for the all-round development of a child ?

a. Moral Education b. Cultural Programmes c. Cultural Knowledge d. Sports

Q. 4. To what level Discovery Method is used to teach the students ?

a. Elementary Level b. High School Level c. University Level d. All Levels

Child Development and Pedagogy Paper

Q. 5. A teacher must teach the students –

a. who are  intelligent

b. slow learner

c. normal

d. all type of students

Q. 6. One girl student cuts the class for seeing movie quite often. What will you do ?

a. you will inform her father

b. you will try to know as to which theater she goes to

c. you will try to find out as to which student she goes to see the movie

d. you will be indifferent

Q. 7. What type of behaviour you will adopt towards the students ?

a. of a dictator b. of a friend c. of a father d. general behaviour

Q. 8. If there is the issue between male and female students in your class, what will you do ?

a. you will inform the Principal

b. you will inform the parents

c. you will try to solve the problem with harmony and co-operation

d. you will disallow the co-education system

Q. 9. What would be your priority to develop among the students ?

a. dedication to the work b. confidence c. importance of labour d. love for the religion

Q. 10. Which quality you think is better for the teachers ?

a. to maintain discipline b. to remove the difficulties of the students c. to be punctual d. to create good environment in the class room

Answers – 1. b 2. c 3. a 4. b 5. d 6. a 7. c 8. c 9. b 10. d

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