Caste Politics in India - Blot on Democratic Set up

A Short Essay/ Speech/ Article on Caste Politics in India

People can easily be befooled in the name of castes and religions in India. This is what the Indian politicians are doing. Each and every incident related with castes is blown out of proportion. Politicians have become the god-fathers and god-mothers of the people of one caste or the other.

The messiah of dalits, the messiah of jats, a great gujjar leader etc are the phrases we hear a lot. When any incident including the castes takes place, these politicians get the opportunity to axe their own grind. Undoubtedly some leaders have their political career based only on the politics of castes.

These politicians have nothing to do much to get benefit from the caste system prevailed in our society. They have just to ensure the as maximum gap as possible between the people of various castes. It happens more particularly during the election time.

The media also plays an important role here. Media also exaggerates the things. If two persons were fighting and got injured, media will show the news as - One man beat the dalit and injured him. Even the second person who was involved in that row comes to know of the other person being dalit from the news channels.

If unfortunately any girl is molested, the news comes that a dalit girl is molested. As if there is the difference between the honor of General Category girl and that of a dalit girl. Why didn't they say that a girl is molested? They also create a gap among the people of  different castes.

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When some such incidents ( involving the castes) take place during the election season, these politicians don't hesitate to reach the victims' houses and share their dinner and lunch with them. They don't hesitate to inflame the environs with their venomous tongues. And people follow them.

These people can't tolerate the insults of their leaders as well. If some say something to their leaders, these people come out on the roads and cause anarchy. Leaders also enjoy this situation and even don't hesitate to call themselves as gods or goddesses of such people and call such incidents as the normal reaction to any action. These leaders enjoy the unlimited powers tapping caste-based politics because they get man-power free of cost.

Now people of all the castes must perceive their evil designs and must not fall prey to them.

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