Computer – A Great Invention of Modern Age – An Essay

Role of Computer in Modern Life/ A Great Invention Called Computer – A Short Essay My interaction with you has become possible just because of a computer. Undoubtedly, computers are the one of the most important inventions of today’s life.

Drug Abuse & Addiction – An Essay, A Short Speech

A Short Essay/ Speech on Drug Abuse and Addiction – Reasons and Solution The movie Udta Punjab was in news for showing the state in the title in bad light. Punjab has been shown as state where more and more

Role of Discipline in our life – A Brief Essay

Essay on Value/ Role of Discipline for School/ College Students Discipline or Self-discipline is one of the highest traits of human personality. The concept of discipline is as old as as man’s wish to form a civilized society. In other

Dowry System – A Blot on India’s Face – An Essay

Dowry system is still prevalent in our society. It seems ridiculous as we are claiming to be modern, open-minded people and still surrounded by such evils that defame us and our country in the rest of the world. First of

Problem of Unemployment in India & Solution – An Essay

8,000 unemployed engineers kept standing in long queues for jobs in Bengaluru Three teachers hung themselves when they were shown doors in UP Such news reports are very common and show the grim picture of employment in the country. Increasing