Dowry System - A Blot on India's Face - An Essay

Dowry system is still prevalent in our society. It seems ridiculous as we are claiming to be modern, open-minded people and still surrounded by such evils that defame us and our country in the rest of the world. First of all we must know what dowry system is?Dowry System

The money given at the time of the marriage of one's daughter to the bride-groom is called dowry. It is not so that dowry is a new entrant in our society. It had its root in our ancient society as well. The only difference is that that time the parents would give gifts and some money to their daughters willingly as a gift, not arbitrarily.

But the picture has completely changed now. Now the parents of the girls are forced to give money and costly items at the time of the daughters' marriage. Now the family of bridegrooms directly demand money and other items without any hesitation. If the girls don't bring dowry, they are tortured in various ways.

They are sent to their parental homes, threatened by saying that they would give them divorce, they are beaten by the members of their in-laws and sometimes they are killed by burning them and poisoning them. If not, the girls are tortured to such an extent that they commit suicides and get freedom from the virtual hell they were living in.

The parents have to borrow money to meet the demands of these hungry people. Sometimes they sell their houses and other precious possessions to do a decent marriage of their daughters.

Consequently, the parents are always are afraid of giving birth to the daughters who are always prone to be victims of women-related crimes such as rapes, molestation and dowry deaths. But this is not the solution. The only solution is to make the girls educated and self-dependent.

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They must be instilled with confidence. Boys must also come out with a pledge that they will oppose to this age-long evil and make a new society. Here girls' mothers-in-law and sisters-in-law must also consider this thing that they are also the daughters of somebody else and the pit they are digging for others' daughters may also invite them tomorrow.

Govt must also ensure security of the girls by making strict rules. But some women are also doing the misuse of these rules for their personal grudges. Sometimes innocent people are trapped. It causes negativity and the right victims don't get justice.

So this is the duty of every body to fight this evil. Women empowerment can be very effective tool in this direction.

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