Freedom Fighters of Haryana – A brief History

There is no gainsay that the people of Haryana have made supreme sacrifice in the freedom struggle of the country. Haryana has been the land of great battles and mutinies. The main reason of that is its proximity with Delhi which has always been the capital of Hindustan Sultanate.

There have been great freedom fighters who didn’t leave any stone unturned when it came to get the freedom of the country. There are brief details about such great sons of the state.

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Great Freedom Fighters of Haryana

Sir Chhoturam –

Chhoturam, a great leader of the state and also a messiah of farmers, was born on 24th of November 1881 at Gadhi Sampla of Rohtak. He completed his graduation in Law from Agra University. He did a lot  of things to improve the conditions of the people of Jat community.

In 1916 he published Urdu weekly named Jat Gazette. He set up Zamindar League in 1924. Recognizing his work, he was bestowed with the Title of Sir  in 1937. He also set up Marketing Board to help the farmers in 1938.

Sher Nahar Singh –

Sher Nahar Singh belonged to Ballaghgarh. He had participated in the First Freedom Fight of the country. He became the ruler of Ballabhgarh in 1829. In order to defeat the English, he shook hand with Delhi Emperor Bahadurshah Jafar.

On 23rd of Sept 1857, he was arrested by the English Officer Shawers and kept in the horse ranch. Then he was tried . They hanged  him at Chandni Chowk in the complete public view on 9th of Jan 1858.

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Nawab Abdurrahaman Khan –

He was the Nawab of Jhajhar. He also participated in the 1857 mutiny. But he was also arrested and tried. On 17th of Oct 1857, he was pronounced Death Penalty. On 23rd of Oct 1857, he got the capital punishment before the Red Fort.

Nawab Ahmad Ali Gulam Khan –

Nawab Ahmad Ali Gulam Khan was the Nawab of Farrokhnagar. He was also the brave son of Haryana who waged battle against the English. Later, he helped the Delhi Emperor to regain his lost Sultanate of Delhi.

It roused anger of the English and they attacked his estate and arrested him. After a brief trial, he was awarded Death Penalty and hanged at Chandni Chowk on 23rd of Jan 1858.

Pt Nekiram Sharma –

Pt Nekiram Sharma was born at Kailanga Village of Bhiwani on 4th of Sept 1887. He became the member of Swaraj Sangh in 1916 and then in 1920, he became the secretary of Divisional Conference.

Later he had also published a weekly called Sandesh from Bhiwani. He had also opposed the Recruitment of the soldiers from Haryana in British Army during World War I. On 8th of June 1956, he died.

Lala Hukam Chand Jain and Mirja Munir Baig –

Lala Hukam Chand Jain and Mirja Munir Baig were the govt Employees and still raised voice against the English Regime. They also met the same fate. Both got the capital punishment publicly.

Nawab Nur Samand Khan –

He was the Nawab of Rania, Sirsa. He fought a battle against the English on 17th of June 1857, defeated and hanged.

Rao Tularam –

Rao Tularam was from Rewari. He fought bravely against the Britishers led by Shawers. But he admitted defeat and ran away to Afghanistan for safety.

Ch Devilal –

Ch Devilal was born at Chautala village in Sirsa District. But he didn’t complete his studies and became Swayam Sewak in 1930. He participated in 1942 Gandhi’s Movement – Quit India and got imprisonment. In 1977, he became the Chief Minister of Haryana from his own party Janta Dal.

In 1989, he became the Vice Prime Minister in the Union Govt ( Chandrashekhar Govt). On 6th of April 2001, he died.

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