Drug Abuse & Addiction – An Essay, A Short Speech

A Short Essay/ Speech on Drug Abuse and Addiction – Reasons and Solution

The movie Udta Punjab was in news for showing the state in the title in bad light. Punjab has been shown as state where more and more people are addicted to drugs.

People knew this fact much earlier the film came in to light. The state’s Akali-BJP govt has failed drastically on this front. Even the ministers in the govt seem to have their nexus with the drug mafia.

Punjab is not the only state which is notorious for Drug Addiction. The other Indian states are also not untouched with this evil of drug abuse.

If you happen to visit the hostel of any university, you will find students there keenly fond of drugs quite freely. It shows that mostly youngsters are in the trap of these life-consuming drugs like heroin, cocaine, charas etc.

Reasons behind the Drugs Addiction –

Thousands of school and college going young men are the easiest target of this evil. This evil is more rampant in big cities. The first reason behind the addiction is its availability and accessibility. There are drug dealers every where in big cities.

Why in Punjab it is more common – because the state shares its border with Pakistan and the country smuggles it very easily from there and available in every nook and corner of the state.

Such is the case with other states like Goa, Maharashtra etc. We read in the papers every day as much quantity of drugs is seized every day by police.

The second reason is the show off. In the beginning the addicts start with tasting it. Then it becomes fashion among the youngsters from upper class and then addiction.

The third reason is the means of escapism. Everybody is tired of this fast and anxious life. Especially youngsters are unable to cope this tensed life.

Burden of proving themselves in the eyes of teachers, parents, job-issues, love-life, different views from parents etc are some of the reasons they want to escape from. These drugs keep them away from such troubles for some time. Gradually they become addicted.

How to treat Drug Addiction

There is the need to give proper care, love and affection to those who have fallen prey to drugs. They need compassion rather than hatred. They need our company rather than isolation. Our contempt and isolation shall aggrieve the situation only. They need to counseled properly.

We have heard and read that there were many drug addicts who changed their ways when they got chance and proved themselves once again.

Now it has become the International Problem. Youngsters in the USA, UK, African Countries etc have suffered a lot due to drug addiction. Various studies show that around 90% of heroin addicts in India are in the age group of 14-25 years.

Drug addiction makes their body weaker and weaker and makes it disease prone and kills the zeal of doing anything creative. They start cultivating criminal habits in themselves.

Solution –

We must fight drug addiction on war footing. Only govt can’t do in this regard. People must come forward. Awareness drive against drugs must begin every where on TV, Newspaper, Social Media etc. There must also be strict laws. Culprits must get strict punishment. There should be the pledge to make society drugs free.

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