Use of Reflexive Pronouns with Examples

Reflexive Pronoun is a type of Pronoun. It is used to put stress on the Subject. Reflexive Pronoun is formed by adding Self/ Selves with any Pronoun. Self is used with singular pronoun whereas Selves is used with Plural Pronoun. Check it from below –

Pronoun Reflexive Pronoun
I Myself
We Ourselves
You ( Singular) Yourself
You ( Plural) Yourselves
He Himself
She Herself
It Itself
One Oneself
They Themselves

Important Points to Remember about the use of Reflexive Pronouns –

1. Reflexive Pronouns are also used with Noun Subjects.

e.g. Ram will do the work himself.

Sophia has completed this task herself.

2. Some verbs like Enjoy, Avail etc take themselves Reflexive Pronouns –

e.g. I enjoyed myself there.

You must avail yourself this chance.

Examples of Reflexive Pronouns –

1. She washes her clothes herself – वह अपने कपड़े खुद धोती है।

2. The bird has made the nest itself – पक्षी ने घोसला खुद बनाया है।

3. John availed himself of the golden chance – जॉन ने सुनहरी अवसर का फायिदा उठाया।

4. He is not making preparations himself – वह  तैयारी नहीं कर रहा है।

5. Have they made this painting themselves ? – क्या उन्होंने यह पेंटिंग खुद बनायी है ?

6. Children have gone to the canal by themselves – बच्चे खुद नहर पर गए हैं।

7. Mother has cooked the cake herself – मां नें केक खुद बनाया है।

8. People should not quarrel among themselves – लोगों को अापस में झगड़ा नहीं करना चाहिए।

9. Rosy has made the doll herself – रोजी नें यह  गुड़िया खुद बनाई है।

Learn Sentences of Reflexive Pronoun

10. The dog has killed itself.

11. Love yourself.

12. God helps those who help themselves.

13. We should protect ourselves from the diseases.

14. He hates himself due to his own doings.

15. We were laughing at ourselves.

16. You shall be responsible yourself for your actions.

So you can see  how important is the use of Reflexive Pronouns in day-to-day speaking. Read them and Practice them on regular basis.

We shall add some more sentences later. So keep coming for updated post.

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