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In this post, the readers will come across many a mistake. For their convenience, we have corrected those mistakes. First of all you may find incorrect sentences, then you will find their correct version in the blog post.

Incorrect / Correct Noun Sentences –

He has got five dozens of bananas. ( Incorrect )

He has got five dozen of bananas. ( Correct )

They gave him an advice. ( Incorrect )

They gave him a piece of advice. ( Correct )

Her luggages are seized. ( Incorrect )

Her luggage are seized.  ( Correct )

The newses are wrong. ( Incorrect )

The news is wrong. ( Correct )

Note to remember : We don’t use A/ An before the word News. Nor we can make its plural while adding s/ es to it. It is singular uncountable noun.

Mathematics is an interesting subject. ( Correct )

Her mathematics are very poor. ( Correct )

Note : In the previous sentence, mathematics is a subject while in the second one it stands for “calculations”

Mistakes /Errors regarding Nouns with solution

Here are some common mistakes regarding nouns in the sentences which we have corrected. The readers must learn them by heart. We have also provided some very important links you can use for your benefits.

These links are regarding English/ GK of the country/ other countries. We have mentioned correct/ incorrect in the brackets in front of the sentences.

Mumps ( Name of the disease ) are common in India. ( Incorrect )

Mumps is common in India. ( Correct )

His second inning is done. ( Incorrect )

His second innings is done. ( Correct )

We took him to the gallow. ( Incorrect )

We took him to the gallows. ( Correct )

A large no. of sheeps are grazing outside. ( Incorrect )

A large no. of sheep are grazing outside. ( Correct )

Peoples speak the English all over the world. ( Incorrect )

People speak English all over the world. ( Correct )

Do more sentences ( related with nouns ) of such type from this page.

Prepare Translation ( English to Hindi and vice versa )

Translation regarding with Phrases.

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Rudra Gupta

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  1. Correct the sentence
    1.I have many works to complete before I leave for USA
    2.Goa is considered to be a land of mesmerising natural sceneries
    3.Miss latha is one of the best student in her class
    4.the police is searching for the culprit
    5.Sham cannot continue his study anymore due to ill health.
    6.My father gave me many good advice before I joining college.
    7.Mr.William sold all his old furnitues recently


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