Practice Set for Nouns - Set 1 for Competitive Exams

This Practice Set of Nouns is very important for the examinees of any of the competitive exams. This Practice Paper will help you gauze your preparation regarding Nouns. You shall come across your errors and certainly improve them. First of all read the Rules of Nouns from here.

Nouns - Practice Set 1

Find out the errors in the following sentences - Common Errors

1.  The Indian team defeated the Sri Lankan team by an inning.

2. Last year, I went to Kashmir and liked the scenery there.

3. These kind of shirts are not liked by me.

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4. He gave me a hundred rupees note.

5. Virat Kohli has completed his 7 thousands runs in One Day International matches.

6. The Hindus, the Sikhs, the Christians, the Muslims all are brothers and must live together with love and peace.

7. This news has published in one of the esteemed newspaper of the country.

8. She provided me with two pieces information I had been seeking for two months.

9. The child weighs only two stones.

10. Five yokes of oxen were grazing in the field.

Practice Paper 1 - Nouns

11. I met him several time last month.

12. There are two fruit for you in the breakfast.

13. His house town is Chandigarh.

14. She is our English teacher.

15. One of his son has gone to Dubai.

16. Fishes can't live without water.

17. The price of production of this item is very high.

18. There were 54 candidates for lectureship.

19. They are my family members.

20. She is my cousin sister.

Answers - 1. an innings 2. the given sentence is correct 3. kinds 4. hundred rupee note 5. thousand run 6. brethren 7. newspapers 8. the given sentence is correct 9. stone 10. yoke 11. times 12. fruits 13. home town 14. our teacher of English 15. sons 16. Fish 17. cost in place of price 18. the given sentence is correct 19. They are members of my family 20. Cousin doesn't take brother or sister with it.

Explanation Regarding Sentence No. 16 -

The word ' Fish ' can be used as singular or plural.

For Example -

  • There is one fish in the refrigerator.
  • This pond is full of fish.

But, the same word 'fish' has its plural version also and that is 'fishes'. It is used with plural numbers only . See the example -

  • There is one fish in the refrigerator.
  • There are two fishes in the refrigerator.

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  1. Sir answer of 8th question of this exercise is wrong. Because 'Information' is uncountable noun so how can you use any numeral with uncountable noun.

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