Some Special Phrases with Translation for English Learners

We use a lot of phrases and words on the daily basis. It is imperative to prepare them if you wish to learn English via Hindi. These phrases help you a lot in making your target language fluent. If you don’t have proper knowledge of these few phrases, you may have to stop in between.

We suggest you to prepare them regularly. Just touch five or six a day. Below we have given the translation ( from Hindi to English) of some very useful phrases/ sentences for the easy learning of them.

Daily Use Sentences

Translation from Hindi to English –

नब्ज देखना – To feel the pulse

ध्यान से देखना – To observe

टकटकी लगा कर देखना – To gaze

पायल ने  मुझे शर्मीली नजरों से देखा – Payal gave me a shy look.

वह ऑंखें लड़ा रहा है- He is ogling

Important Sentences of English

उसकी जुबान कैंची की तरह चलती है- She has a bitter tongue

यह कमीज लम्बे समय तक चलेगी- This shirt will last long

मेरा पेट जल रहा है – My bowels are upset.

चाल चलना – To make a move

ट्रैन सही समय पर चल रही है- The train is running on time.

फल ख़राब हो गया है – The fruit has gone bad.

खाली हाथ होना – To be out of pocket/ To be penniless.

ये दोनों उत्तर एक दूसरे से मिलते हैं.- Both these answers tally.

वह हिसाब मिला रहा था-He was verifying the accounts.

याद रखना- To bear in mind

उसने नौकर रखा है- He has employed a servant

तुम्हे उस पर नजर रखनी है- You have to keep an eye on him.

हम हंसी नहीं रोक पाए । – We could not stop laughing.

उसे गुस्सा आ गया – He lost his temper.

मैं उसकी चाल में आ गया –  I was caught in his trap.

क्या तुम्हे घडी देखनी आती है ? – Do you know how to tell the time ?

Please wait for more sentences. You can also ask for more sentences using comment box.

Suggestion – Make interest in learning English. Keep learning such sentences.

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