Correct Pronunciation of Important English Words

English has become a language of big reputation in India. In the past also, the condition was almost same. Everybody sees dream of speaking this language quite frequently. Everybody has dream to make speeches in English before large audiences. But for most of the people it is just a dream. What to speak of making speeches, most of Indians can’t read English correctly. Even there are jokes in abundance on poor pronunciation of Indians.

What causes Poor Pronunciation among Indians ?

People sound to be very lazy as far as pronunciation is concerned. English had to suffer a lot due to touches of various local languages/ dialects. There are different types of English Pronunciations in India – Haryanvi English, Punjabi English, Avadhi English, South Indian English. The Pronunciation of English in India is so much destroyed that even the English can’t understand it.

What causes Correct Pronunciation ?

Language is a meaningful sound. For capturing good pronunciation, a person must be acquainted with the correct sound. For that he/ she will have to listen to standard propitiation. Faulty pronunciation will teach faulty one. The chief sources of Standard pronunciation of English for non-native people TV, Radio etc. The irony is that most of English teachers in India has faulty pronunciation. So they can’t be the reliable source. When people speak / read in English, it becomes uncontrollable laugh.

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Some Daily Use English Words with Correct Pronunciation –

Women – विमिन

Village – विलीज़

Wednesday – वेन्ज़्डे

May – मे

Bottle – बॉटल

College – कॉलिज

Boys – बॉयज़

Comb / Bomb – कॉम / बॉम

Note – b sound is always silent if it comes at the ending position and preceded by m.

Always – आलवीज़

Hurt – हर्ट

Heart – हार्ट

System – सिस्टिम

Goodness – गुडनिस

Gigantic – जाइगैंटिक

Image – इमिज

Corp – को

Asthma – अस्मा

Debris – डेबरी

Neglect – निगलेक्ट

Note Please – There is a great change in the pronunciations of England ( RP ) , America and India. There is the effect of surroundings on the sound system. Now Indian Pronunciation is acceptable. But completely wrong pronunciation makes a person a butt of laughter.

We hope these words will be helpful for the learners of English to have a bit of proper pronunciation.

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