What is RP ( Received Pronunciation ) ? – A Short Note

Those who are learning English and trying to improve English Pronunciation must have heard RP ( Received Pronunciation ) . What is this RP ? this basic question must have struck their mind. In this article of ours we are trying to explain what RP is.

Received Pronunciation or RP represents the best accent. David Aberdombie rightly says :

Every town and almost every village contains speakers of RP whose families have lived there for generations….

The British phonetician Daniel Jones was the first to codify the properties of RP.

RP is a certain accent of British English accepted as a standard pronunciation. It is a type of pronunciation most frequently taught to the foreign learners of English in Britain.

The Accent tells us only about a person’s social or educational background. It was adopted by the BBC and during World War II, it came to be recognized as the Voice of Freedom. Now RP is no longer the preserve of a social elite. But now common people can also learn RP without going to England. RP is introduced in English Curriculum for various courses.

Received Pronunciation ( RP ) Explanation with Some Important works Sounds

With the Globalization of every thing, the demand of leaning RP is on the rise. Moreover, in the Common Wealth countries, where English plays a very crucial role, so many distinct varieties of English are emerging.

For instance, these days one talks of an Indian English, South-African English, Canadian English, Australia- New Zealand English and so on. Now Second language norms of pronunciation have started emerging and very few British teachers of English now speak RP naturally.

The short note on RP is very important for the students of English literature. WE hope this efforts of ours shall be very helpful for our readers. Thanks for your visit.

नीचे कुछ मुख्य शब्दों के उच्चारण दिए गए हैं जो अंग्रेजी सीखने वालों के लिए अती उपयोगी सिद्ध हो सकतें हैं।

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